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  • Brandon - So happy I got this Hard DriveI got this for $100 around Black Friday because my WD MyBook Essentials 1TB was filling up. I could not be happier with the performance of this hard drive. My WD can act up every once in a while, and I worry about the possibility of failure. This is not at all the case with my Seagate hard drive, it feels solid, always performs great, and I got a phenomenal value for the storage capability.

    I would recommend you buy this if you are looking for large media storage capability.
  • Elisa 20 - Nice, alone or in combinationI bought the Wacom Bamboo tablet and pen to use together with this and it made a big difference. The Autosketch software was easy as can be to install (at least on WIN) and to use (I chose NOT to "access TIFF, PSD, PNG" etc. because that just makes Autosketch the default to open pictures in those formats. You can change it back if you make a mistake, but I'd rather use other programs to open my files and import pictures into Autosketch. Just fyi.).

    Everything I wanted to import did so smoothly. The tools (pen, brush, color palette etc.) worked fine and were fun to use. It was easy to import into Photoshop and Illustrator (my two primary end-sources). Tis software has already heled with mock ups, added details and color changes (it even lets you use layers) that are harder and more time-consuming in other programs.

    Getting a pen tool may not be necessary, but it really made drawing feel natural and adding printing, signatures, calligraphy etc. was a breeze. I just didn't find my mouse responsive enough to use for drawing.

    I definitely enjoyed using Autosketch and can see a lot of future uses for it