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  • J. Bonds "Justice's Pen" - Politically Incorrect Guide to Seeing the TruthAnn Coulter's well researched book is another fine example of her ability to use existing biased stories to demonstrate bias. The writing is very typical of her humor which may be a turn-off for some, but for those of us that like it there is a witty jab in nearly every paragraph. This is a must read to those that seek balance to racial political discussion.
  • T. Sibley "Tsibs7" - Best Tablet Currently AvailableOk, so I've been in the tablet market for the last 3 months and I finally was able to get my hands on this product. Trust me when I say it wasn't easy but it was worth the trouble. This tablet is by far the most advanced and fastest tablet on the market (IOS or Android). That doesn't mean it's perfect because no tech product is. Those out there looking for a device that never has bugs or issues might as well stop now because you'll never find something to your liking. What I can say is that ASUS did a fine job with putting this together. I won't touch on every aspect of the Transformer Prime but here are some highlights:

    Screen- This screen is bright and beautiful. You can set the Super IPS display if you're outdoors but otherwise, the regular brightness is perfectly fine. The resolution is the same as most 10.1 inch tablets and is crisp and clear.

    Speed- This tablet has a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and it is blazing. You can multi-task to your hearts delight and it won't skip a beat. It opens applications faster than any phone or tablet I can think of. The encouraging news is that they are still really developing apps for the Tegra 3 so when that becomes more relevant this thing will be even better. Scrolling and touch sensitivity is "buttery" smooth with no lag whatsoever.

    Build- This is a very aesthetically pleasing device. What I mean is that it is an eye-catcher. Brushed aluminum backing and super thin, it looks fantastic. It's light and the weight balance is perfect when holding with one hand or two. Gorilla glass screen means that you won't have to worry about scratches. Those out there that complain about fingerprints need to realize that this is the case for 99% of tablets out there. (HINT: use the microfiber cloth that comes with it)

    Storage and Connectivity- One of the biggest selling points was the storage space. 32gb of onboard memory PLUS it has a micro-sd card slot for expansion. This thing can become an entertainment powerhouse. It has a micro-hdmi out so you can connect to TVs or projectors. This means you can watch Netflix and other movies on a bigger screen if you'd prefer. You won't have to buy a proprietary cables just to connect. Of course, the big sell is the laptop dock accessory. I personally don't need it but its a great option if you want a netbook like experience. Oh yeah, you can also use PS3 or USB gaming controllers with this to play games!

    Battery Life- So I haven't done an "official" battery test but in my usage so far I easily get a couple days out of this tablet. It obviously depends on what the settings are (i.e. screen brightness, power mode) but trust me when I say that if you go on a long trip with this thing you'll be good to go with juice to spare.

    Ice Cream Sandwich- This may not matter in a month or two but it is currently one of a select few devices that has the latest operating system of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. I won't get into all the details of what ICS is but I can say that it is user friendly and has loads of potential.

    Side notes:
    Ok, so a lot of people may have heard about certain users having issues with WIFI and/or GPS. On my end, I haven't had a single issue with WIFI. The signal is always strong even at a good distance away from the router. I think this just may be an isolated issue with some of the devices. I don't think this is indicative of all the tablets. I haven't used the GPS much but I can guess that the all-aluminum backing has something to do with the issues its having catching signals from satellites. Honestly though, it's ridiculous to use this as a standalone GPS device.

    As a heads-up, this tablet is currently (as of 2/21) extremely hard to come by. It is sold out at most, if not all retailers. I'm sure ASUS will eventually be able to keep up with demand but be warned that you may not be able to get one for a while. This obviously is a result of the shortsightedness of ASUS and should bear no negative reflection on the tablet itself.

    The Verdict:
    So is this worth $499.99 of your hard earned money? If you're looking for the best tablet available then the answer is a definitive YES. It's certainly worth more for your money than ANY tablet at and around its price.
  • SD Liu "Spatium Trientis" - A real delightful piece of City Life in Gothammagnificent endeavor specially suited for a world-class city and new immigrant hub like Gotham/the Big Apple/New York City. I surfed through Brandon Stanton's FB photos and vignettes of his subjects.... unique "human beings" who have settled NYC and made it the cradle of such vibrant energy, creativity, entrepreneurship, and yes... absolutely, "humanity."
    My only constructive criticism of Mr. Stanton's amazing project and how he "connected" with so many uniquely interesting New Yorkers -- from all walks of life, all ethnicities nationalities, backgrounds, cultures.... is simply that "I wish he could have done a lot more in connecting with the little "yellow people" and "brown people" who have settled in almost all American major urban hubs and now increasingly spreading out to the heartland.
    The "browning" and yellowing" of America --- in the influx and synergy brought upon the new America by new immigrants from Latin America (the browning) and Asia-Pacific (the yellowing) is a saga and yet to be fully-explored and fully-understood story.
    New York City is specially affected by these dual inroads of the "browns" and the "yellows."
    But understandably, it is probably not easy for Brandon Stanton, given his language (Anglophone) limitation to really able to "connect" with the yellow and brown people of New York City.
    How I wish that later, as his project evolves, and onto his next phase of HONY.... Mr. Stanton would finnesse and improve upon the depth and breath of coverage of the "Humans of New York" and encompass more of the poignant stories of the new immigrants from Asia-Pacific and Latin America into New York City.
    Just on ethnic food alone, no city can beat New York.
    The ecclectic, diverse, vibrant, colorful, creative energy brought about by and from the "little people" from all over the Globe, who flock to and settle NYC is just an amazing phenomenon.
    It is an "Only in New York" thing.
    Shanghai, Tokyo, London or any other world cities can't beat the pavements of New York City.
    No way, Jose. No way, Amigo. No way, Gupta. No way, Indira. No way, Lao Wang. No way, Xiao Chen. No way, Nguyen. No way, Kim. No way, Bodomo !
    Edward Liu, San Francisco