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  • Jaxie "Miracles everywhere" - This is the best Liquid protein I have ever usedI have used liquid protein for a healthy breakfast for many years. This is the highest quality I have ever used and it keeps me satisfied for hours longer than any others I have used before. I was using a very good whey protein and liked it but always had a little congestion. I had a milk allergy as a little girl and finally realized that I needed a product that had no milk products in it. This has been a good change. My congestion is gone and this really is a better protein because it is Raw. I would highly recommend that you spend the extra money and get the VANILLA AND NOT PLAIN. The Vanilla tastes very good.
  • Penmouse - Esoteric and UniqueThe program is esoteric and unique as the tool bars are hidden until needed. In this program, you normally click on a large tool bar located at the top of the computer screen to access the needed brushes, lines or layers. Most programs offer those tool bars at the side of the screen to use as needed. The display is always open rather than hidden as found in the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 program.

    The program feels kind of cluttered if you open most, or all, the tool bars needed to complete the task.

    Recommend especially if you have a tablet or tablet PC.