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  • K. Rhodes - Love this strollerpurchased this stroller for our vacation this summer. love this stroller! With most umbrella strollers, the handle bars are too low (short), this causes a major back problem for my husband (he's 6-2). This stroller has handle bars that are long enough and comfortable enough for both of us. The lay back feature worked best when we has a bit of a walk, our son was able to lay back and rest. The stroller fits him comfortablely, he is 2 years old (he's 32lbs) and about 36inches tall. So, he needs a bit of room, and this stroller has it! I would like a see-through flap on top - maybe one that opens and closes with velcro or something. that way I can check in on him without having to stop and look or have someone else look in.
  • jewelry galore - drug bookLove these books as a nurse I have been using them for years. This book is very up to date and is a handy way of looking up drugs quickly. Also I love the trade in feature, send back your copy from the previous year and you get $2 off of your next purchase. A lot of the doctors I have worked with use this handy book.
  • Harold S. "Hal" - Tax SoftwareI chose this software for several years as they will stand behind it and provide support if question by Tax agents.

    The Federal portion of the software work fine, though I had to go back a couple of times to see why it would not do what I knew had to be done, where I found my error.

    The only problem that I had with it was with the state, in that in California, between the years 83 to 85 the state would not allow anyone to write off any IRA contributions if you had a retirement plan from any source. Because of that, when you have to start to withdraw the funds, you have to use a California Basis where by, until the money you get back for those years of not declaring, are used up.

    The software recognizes Federal Basis but not California, so you have to go in an manually enter it as a subtraction in the Schedual California adjustment section.