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  • Marcus T. Brody - God led me to this book after nearly 4 years of suffering..What can I say about this book, and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? Can words describe how wonderful this book is for anyone suffering with the most debilitating chronic disease known to man?Imagine having trouble breathing, feeling bloated, exhausted, having dark circles under your eyes, a swollen/tender liver, jaundice, severe weight loss, being a manic depressive, and having nearly every known allergy imaginable. I've suffered with all of those symptoms, just from having Crohn's Disease. A horrible inflammatory condition of the bowels. Most people can't imagine how debilitating it is. I couldn't work, couldn't keep in touch with friends, couldn't handle relationships, stress, or even doing simple tasks. All of this from a damaged intestine? YES.. we learn all about how this happens in this book.This book will take you on a journey and teach you about a diseased intestinal tract better than I ever thought could be put into words. The diet is easy to follow, and makes all the sense in the world. I noticed a feeling of well-being on the first day of being on the diet. It's a true God-send for anyone suffering from the ills of an intestinal disorder. In fact, I think this kind of diet is what everyone in the world needs to be on. What an exceptional book.. thank you to all the contributors, and the fine people who keep up the SCDiet sites! You have changed my life for the better, and I actually feel normal for the first time since 1997.
  • Edward Matus - Eureka! What a pen!!!Eureka! What a pen!!! Just what the doctor ordered. It's strong enough for a man but made for a woman.
  • OhioGirl - Perfect size and SO soft!!!I purchased this item for a friend of mine (a big guy) and he is VERY happy with the size and softness and heat of this item. It is bigger than most and much better design than the old style plastic heating pads. This is an all-in-one pad (no separate cover) and easy to machine wash. He loves it!
  • Ali Al-Siraih - Excellent product and sellerIt's better to buy this game as a Physical game and I don't recommend buying the game code and download the game from "origin" because you will waste your money in a game that will not download to your PC, and if so it that only download 250Mb to your PC .. and you download the Download Updated Data it will take hours if not for days ... This is a waste of time and money.

    I bout if you be this "Physical game" and activate it in "Origin" the installation process will began the size of 1.5 GB will install in tour PC. And after that you run the game it going to Download Updated Data which takes a long time too .. Then you will say to yourself " I wasted my money twice in this game that does not work" .. But there is a radical solution for all those who want to enjoy this game .. It is after the installation of the game and when you notice that the download process Download Updated Data takes for long time too ..than go to the extension in your PC:
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games \ SimCity \ SimCityUserData

    and wipe all the files in the "SimCityUserData" .. then run the game .. and you will see the Download Updated Data is faster than the before. After the download client complete, restart the game .. Finally, Enjoy the game.

    I recommend buying the Physical game and not the game code.
    And I want to thank Dark Karma Knight on this game and for the excellent situation of the game and excellent packaging of the game and I would recommend buying from him.

    I recommend buying the Physical game and not the game code.