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  • D. Rouse - I was skeptical but it worked for me!I have cystic acne and have done Accutane three times (yes, 3 times) as an adult to get rid of it. Accutane helped but I still get about 1 cyst a month. I'd read that Zeno did not work on cystic acne but decided to give it a try (but kept the receipt, in case it did not work). After 3 months, I have been very impressed with the results. I've used it three times where I could feel an acne cyst beginning (where I have a small painful lump under the skin). I used it morning and evening for three days and the cyst never emerged. I have extremely fair skin so my skin did show some reddening around the treatment area but (a) I expected as much and (b) it was easily covered by a little makeup and (c) it kept the painful cyst from emerging.

    A couple of items to note (since expectations are key):

    (1) It seems like it takes a long time for the device to be ready to use. The instructions say to press the first button (that is a circle with a line in it) and wait for the clock light to turn green. This takes a little while. As near as I can tell, during this time, the tip is heating to the proper temperature. I thought it was broken because it takes mine a few minutes. Eventually, the light does turn on; it just takes longer than I anticipated.

    (2) The treatment time seems like an eternity, even though its only 2 and a half minutes. I suspect that (sad as this is) it is the process of doing nothing for that period of time except holding a device to my face. However, I'm convinced that the entire treatment period is necessary, despite the fact that it always feels like I'm just sitting around doing nothing.

    I also, on rare occasion, get regular small whitehead pimples and this product did not seem to work on those. However, I suspect that the reason for this is that by the time they emerge on me, they are already small whiteheads, so superficial that I just scrape them off the skin surface with my fingernail. I suspect that these are already "too far gone" for the device to work.
  • Christopher - Don't take these reviews lightly, it's for real!After a few weeks of progressively worsening abdominal pain, I decided to go to my doctor and see what was up. He diagnosed me with terminal liver cancer and gave me only about 3 months to live. This was quite a shock to me, but the next day I decided I would really live life, whatever was left of it. So the first thing I decided to do was to get the 3 wolves one moon shirt because I had always wanted one but couldn't really afford it. I was so excited about my decision to buy it and *really* felt like I was about to get the most awesome piece of clothing that ever existed.

    Now here is where it gets really amazing... It was not but 3 minutes after I bought the shirt online that an armored truck delivered it to my door. A man dressed like Neo from the Matrix handed me an unlabeled black box. It was quite warm especially for a cool January afternoon--almost like fresh baked bread. When I opened the box, a faint, yet noticeable flash of light filled the room, and I immediately began to breath very heavily as if I was running hard, but I did not feel fatigued. I put on my new shirt, it was warm and conformed to my body quite well. It was at that moment that I realized the chronic pain in my abdomen had stopped and my posture had improved tremendously. The mass in my upper abdomen had disappeared! I went to my doctor's office, and he confirmed that I had been miraculously healed!

    A few days later, I discovered I could speak 4 new languages: Spanish, Japanese, Irish and braille. Braille!? Seriously? I thought that was only for blind people. But I could. Not only that, but it seemed almost every girl I came across wanted to get to know me better...and when I say better, I mean "better". Also, I found that I could drink way more Miller High Life than anyone in my town, and that's saying a whole lot. All of my friends are really jealous of me now, but hey, when you got the Shirt of shirts, it's just what happens. Too bad for them, they can't afford it or just don't believe in its powers.

    So don't believe for a minute that the powers of this shirt are just a big hoax. IT ISN'T, IT'S FOR REAL! If you're sick, you'll be healed. If you're a dork, you'll be cool. Read all the other reviews out there that confirm it. And if you do decide to get the shirt, just be prepared to face a whole lot of haters in your town when you score with all the hot chicks while all the haters are left hanging like a wet towel.
  • JasonDC - Great device! What's with the 1-star reviewers...1) Asus has announced they will unlock the bootloader. Why are people who don't even own the Prime giving it 1 star reviews? How are those reviews even still up? Apple forums are that way, fanboys -->

    2) The GPS isn't pinpoint. Who really cares? Are you planning on getting lost in the wilderness where somehow a more accurate GPS will help you find your way home? Who honestly thinks this is even worth docking 1 star. IT was a stupid oversight on Asus's part, but if this device didn't have GPS at all, I'd still buy it.

    3) Do not get the TF700T. People seem upset because they early adopted the TF201 and now Asus announced the TF700T. As recently announced, Asus will charge a $100 premium for a different case backing (read: GPS upgrade), upgrade from 720p to 1080p resolution, and a 0.7 mp upgrade on the front facing camera.

    Everything else is the same.

    This is the worst way to spend $100 I can think of. The difference between 720p and 1080p on a 10 inch screen isn't all that amazing or necessary. Additionally you can count on the battery life being worse to support the higher res (no evidence, but Asus said battery life will be "comparable" - code talk for worse but only slightly). The camera upgrade is negligible for 100% of users. So if it's worth it for you to drop $100 for better specs on paper, have at it. I'd rather spend that money toward the keyboard dock.
  • citizen fact checker - Absolutely wonderful product.I ordered and received TWO of these great "Can-Guns" because I knew my son would want one as well. They arrived safely in a bubblewrap-reinforced, tan envelop. BUT LET ME WARN YOU to be sure you check the contents of the envelope before you discard it thinking it is empty. I gave the inside of the supposedly-empty envelope a second look, for no good reason except out of habit, and I saw one of the circular red caps, by itself, in the bottom of the envelope! Apparently, during transit, the cap fell off of one of the Can-Guns, and I almost missed fiinding it. It might be a good idea for the maker to stick a strip of tape onto the cap to hold it in place and remind the customer to pull the tape off before usng the Can-Gun.

    I have a number of uses for these Can-Guns: I use spray cans of frosted paint to coat the small panes in the windows of my back doors so that no one can peer through them to see into the house. I also spray mirror-glass paint into vases to make them look like old-fashioned mercury glass. And to do so, in both cases, takes several light coats of the spray paint to produce an attractive outcome. Normally, without the use of a Can-Gun, my "trigger" finger becomes numb from applying so much pressure to it. We also have some non-painted, bi-fold louvered doors to some of the rooms in our house, and we will soon be spray painting them white to match the other woodwork in the house. Until I purchased these Can-Guns I was dreading the effort to spray paint them. As we all know, spray painting with spray cans, when done properly, takes a lot of time and, until now, painful effort.

    I'm even looking forward to some of the other paint projects that await me. For example, I have a four-piece wicker set that was white when I first bought it, but I had a local automotive spray painting company spray it dark green, actually Volvo green. And now it needs to be retouched in places with a dark green spray paint, and I intend to use the Can-Gun to spare my wrist and trigger finger.

    I highly recommend this product, and I noticed that it is not only made in the USA, but also uses recycled plastic!