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  • Michael M. Turkel - How to Make Fizzier-Than-Store-Bought Seltzer (Shaken, not Stirred)Let me begin by saying that I was not satisfied with the first liter of seltzer I made with the Fountain Jet. Having owned home seltzer makers before, most notably the ISI soda siphon, I chilled my water to just above freezing, pumped in the carbon dioxide, and drank. The fizz far surpassed the siphon, but it couldn't compare with the seltzer I bought in the store.

    Luckily, I was struck by an idea. Why not shake the fountain jet? In the siphon, the seltzer benefits immensely from being shaken (the surface area between the carbon dioxide and the water is increased). So, I picked up the entire machine, held the bottle firmly in place (a very important step otherwise you will lose all the pressure), and shook like crazy. After shaking, I pumped in more carbon dioxide, and shook again. I did this a few times. The seltzer came out fizzy enough to burn the back of my throat. Need I say more?
  • Mike S. "-Mike" - Very FastThis is my second Polaroid 32 GB class 10 micro SD card. They are very fast. I store HD movies and music on them and us them in my tablets constantly when I'm on the road. No issues with streaming HD content. Some of the slower cards will stutter but not these cards. I'm very happy with tghe Polaroid class 10 micro SD cards so far.
  • "djbern" - Full of AdventureMax, the 16 year old boy genious of FULL HOUSE, is a 30 something zillionaire inventor and adventurer, with enough time on his hands after besting Bill Gates to help his sister Dee Dee and her husband Frankie "The Assassin" Fontana, deal with some death threats.He finds himself lusting for the local newpaper owner, whom he teams up with to solve this caper. Its a load of fun I thought and full of plenty of fun characters. Its an easy read and not very deep, but certainly a fun, wild ride.I look forward to more by both these authors.
  • Avg Joe "Bill" - Very Good Start to the seriesThe characters are very good, the acting is excellent. The effects (not overdone) show they clearly have a decent budget. A very good start to the series. Colson's recruits: The rising star action hero agent with an attitude, the burnt out legendary vetran agent, the british bio and engineering geeks, the anarchist hacker. They are all three dimensional characters, all likable and not too far over the top on credibility (OK the final scene maybe). They come across as very competent (as they Ought to - the personality quirks do not detract from this). This looks like the beginning of an excellent series - I would rate it 4-1/2 but favor 5 over 4 stars.
  • Anonymous - SodaStreamI bought this to have a variety of flavored drinks without the hassle of shopping for them. I also like plain fizzy water and don't always think to pick it up.

    I don't use the recommended amount of syrup. All I've tried full strength were just too sweet. My grandkids loved the root beer. I've gone thru a full bottle of the root beer syrup and made about 5 other bottles of other flavors. I'm now running low on the CO2 cartridge. So I would have to say it's cost effective.

    SodaStream did say Kohls carried the cartridges, which did help influence my decision to buy because there is one locally. However, when I called yesterday, Kohls only carries the cartridges seasonally and that season is now gone.