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  • rooksies5 - Kids are loving it!I have three kids and we have to keep track of whose day it is to "build". They are enjoying this advent calendar so much. Some days we have had extra pieces, so I was expecting the possibility of having some missing pieces on other days. That hasn't happened. I have had to help with a couple of the items, since my children couldn't figure out what to do based on the picture. Separate directions might make this easier. Overall, I wish I had bought more than one, would have made my mornings easier!
  • Badwolf - No more banana purée!Prior to this mind blowing invention, I didn't have the means or the ingenuity to get inside of a banana. My family used to put our bananas in the street and I'd run over them with may car at 42 mph. As you can imagine, this wasn't ideal, but it was all we knew. The Hutzler 571 slices thru bananas like Doctor Who slices thru time and space! We're out of the street and back in the kitchen!!!
  • Saratchka - Works great for schedule CI've been using H&R Block tax software for about 8 years now and have been consistently happy with the results. It works great for my family's returns, including my small consulting business. I definitely would have missed some of the allowable deductions without the software to guide me, and I find the software easy to use. I've prepared my own returns as well as returns for friends and family members with no major problems.
  • J. Villeneuve "jayvil" - Truly quick and simpleI can't believe how long I put off backing my laptop up! I always assumed it would be a chore. Or time consuming. Or both. With this drive it was neither. I plugged it in, hooked it up to the laptop, set the backup humming and within an hour had a huge peace of mind that my data would be safe from the "hard drive is about to fail error" I was getting. It took me getting that error to finally back up my laptop - you should do it now! Easy to setup, quick, quiet and intuitive. That's a 5-star rating to me.