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  • Richard A. Roeser - Worked long enough to get me through inspectionI have an 02 Chevy Tahoe with 127K on it. I've been throwing P0420 & P0430 codes for about 8000 miles, and lately they come back within a day of being cleared. Following the advice of another reviewer, here's what worked for me:

    I used CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 Wt Oz. first to clean the MAF, let the car warm up for about 20 minutes, poured a bottle of Cataclean in the tank and drove for about 25 minutes (less than 1/4 tank of gas in the car). Then I cleared the error codes. Let the car sit while I was at work, drove it home, put a bottle of Lucas 10020 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner 5.25 oz. in the tank and filled up with Premium gas. I've driven for 70 miles and the code hasn't come back. I just passed inspection this morning.

    I don't fool myself that this stuff will cover up a bad catalytic converter. But I can say that for me, whatever it did was good enough to allow the car's ECM to run the emissions test at least a couple of times without registering an error code. I don't care if the code comes back tomorrow. For the $35 that I spent for the three bottles, I have delayed a $2000 plus repair.
  • Michael - It's now our TV speaker system. Great sound.This is a great looking and great sounding product. Totally unobtrusive. We have it sitting on some other electronic equipment on a shelf below the 55" TV.

    You control everything from the remote. On/off, mute, volume.

    The sound is awesome. It really makes a difference. True to the Bose tradition.

    Only thing you see on the unit is a green light that is on when on, or blinks when you are changing volume.

    All in all you can't go wrong with this great sounding addition to your entertainment center.
  • Peter A. Becker - Wow! Perfect for the ultimate Rush fan!This DVD is a lot of fun, right from the beginning, which starts out with the classic, campy "Rash" satire. We saw this same show live earlier in the tour, and I am enjoying the DVD of the Cleveland show every bit as much as the live act we caught in VA. The audio is so clear, you can see/here everything so well, in that sense it far surpasses the live show. So many of our favorite tunes are here, and the playing is simply superb. My son plays bass and he is crazy about Geddy (naturally!), and I play guitar and love all of Alex's work. And we are both in awe of Neil! Can't go wrong with this, it's a phenomenal tour de force from beginning to end. There will never be another band like Rush!
  • Buzz Cut - Amazing Works Perfect and Very Easy to Use!TempTooth ,

    So my tooth was coming lose and I ordered TempTooth, before it fell out. But fall out it did, however; I still did not use TempTooth. I was afraid of it not working and having this huge gap in the front of my mouth.
    Like so many people I work one on one with clients and having teeth helps. So a huge fear was
    waiting for failure of another online scam.

    So I read the directions, which seemed to easy to be true. Now I was really waited for it to fail.
    Cost effective and easy are never in the same sentence. I did as it said and in less then ten minutes
    my tooth was in. I was impressed I read instructions again did the process with the same tooth and molded a better one.
    It actually ends up looking better then my own teeth. I think I will try the tea next making the shade a tad darker.
    TempTooth, I was skeptic big time, I thought this was just another online scam claiming to fix the impossible..
    The material is tough as nails but is smooth on my gums.

    Thank you so much,
    I have been on vacation this week and can go back to work, and not a soul will no my tooth came out.
    I think everyone should have this in their shelf at home just in case you lose a tooth.

    However ever you invented this, you should know in doing so you will change lives.
    Amazing, cant say enough !

    One note that truly impressed me is the product inventor answers the emails I sent.
    And gives full product support.
    I would buy again if needed, a better value and product you will not find.
    And they have a money back guarantee.
    Like I posted, Amazing !!

    Paul C .
    ( this is a copy of the letter I sent them )