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  • Old Drums - THE bat to haveMy daughter is entering her senior year of high school and has played on summer tour teams for the last 4 or 5 years. She just signed a national letter of intent to play at a DII school, as have most of her teammates. Nearly all the players use this bat, and the coaches see a difference in their hitting when they do. Just make sure you break it in according to the instructions and don't use it with those heavy dimpled pitching machine balls. Inspect it periodically and use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to keep it looking new. If your goal is to get your daughter a softball scholarship, you will not regret paying $300 for this bat.
  • Jill C. Murphy - Align ProbioticI depend on this product to make my life easier. While it isn't a prescription drug it is a very important part of my daily life. I purchase a box of Align once a month and the cost has been, like many other products, increasing in price over time. When I purchased the first box it was about $25 and now I have to search hard to find it for under $32 per box. When I found that Amazon carried it I purchased two boxes right away. They arrived within the week.

    I've purchased many items from Amazon from books to cast iron cookware and have never been disappointed. I'm not a fan of Walmart and just prefer not to shop in a store that tells a manufacturer how to make or sell a product. I'm all for free enterprise so I choose to shop on and haven't found any reason to stop now.
  • betsy - Great machine for beginning - advanced sewingI lost my first sewing machine in a fire this past year. It was 20 years old and it met my basic needs. I researched for quality machines that were good for quilting. The Janome name came up frequently. I looked in stores and the lowest price for the DC2011 was $525. This was more than I could spend at the time, so I continued to look weekly on Amazon. When I saw the price for $399 no tax and free shipping, I could not afford to wait. It has worked like a dream and the computerized stitches are great. Some things are not too good to be true!
  • ANewquist "ANewquist" - Love the safety - beware of the directions!I did a lot of research before I went ahead and ordered this car seat. We previously owned a Chicco Keyfit 30, which we loved, but did not realize that once your child surpassed the height of 30 inches, it was no longer safe the use (we apparently have a tall child!). While my initial thought was to go ahead and order the Marathon, which is the highest rated convertible carseat on Consumer Reports (mainly because of the 70 pound weight limit), I saw that the Roundabout was rated almost as high as the Marathon, and was over $100 cheaper. There are great booster-type seats available for under $30 for when he outgrows this seat - which would save us money over time.

    When the seat arrives, I was a little baffled by some of the directions - they were rather wordy, and some of the sections did not make sense. Once we figured it all out (between my husband and I, it didn't take long), we had it installed and our son loves it! He sits a bit higher, which he loves - and he is definitely safe, which we love!