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  • Angela Anderson - An exciting adventure with a Sherlock Holmes twist!This book is a must read for those who are familiar with the classic, and those who are new to the story line who enjoy a suspenseful read with a great plot. This book reenacts a classic in a fun and easy read that is sure certain to entertain readers across the board. Sherlock Holmes offers the a realistic and believable set of characters that the reader creates a bond with-I couldn't wait to turn the page and see what was going to happen to poor Edmond next!
    Be prepared, you won't be able to put it down!
  • D. Baker "Blackworm" - One word: Dysfunctional.I read this entire book in less that 24 hours...that's how good it was! The dysfunction carried throughout most of the major characters and I enjoyed it totally! Betty Jean, or BJ, is the focal point here, and her character goes thru it. Two sisters, one who is devoutly religious, to the point of not using any common sense, and the other is too blunt to deal with on a regular basis. After all, being a know-it-all keeps a woman busy. Add three kids, the eldest son who is on his fifth wife (all being white) and being accused of not loving his black heritage, the middle son, who is begging someone to write the prison for his release, and a daughter, who loves her drugs more than her kids. Add a white neighbor, who is looked down on by one of the sisters for being married to a black man, two grandchildren needing desperate care, a husband suffering from Alzheimers, and a kinky nursing attendant, and you got a hot mess all the way around!!! LOVED THIS BOOK, TERRY!!!!!
  • David Walsh "Governor_Scat" - Great source of knowledgeI have one word for this book: wow! I picked this up as a cheap introduction for the LSAT about a year ago. I find myself coming back to it every so often to reread and refresh myself with the plethora of information contained within. I didn't expect to be so impressed with this book, but it has put me on the path to success with the LSAT. My scores are far above average and I think its mostly because of the help I found with this test guide. The explanations are phenomenal.