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  • Jennifer Ray - 5 Klovers! Courtesy of CK2S Kwips & Kritiques"I'm into simple, casual, uncomplicated sex." Erin Shay should have known that pronouncement would come back to haunt her, but who could have ever expected it to happen immediately? Erin might not be into relationships and commitment anymore, but she's not exactly built for casual sex, either. What's a girl to do? Do without, of course, and talk a big game to your friends. That's always served to keep men at arm's length - until she meets Kale Alexander.

    Kale has had more than his share of casual, uncomplicated sex, although no one would use the word simple to describe it. With a long history as a Casanova, Kale is ready for something more, and realizes it the moment he meets the enigmatic Erin. His temporary assignment working with her on the Pleasure Prolonged project gives him the perfect opportunity to get to know her better - much better - and when he does, he realizes she just may be the perfect reason for leaving Los Angeles moving back to his Iowa hometown permanently...

    I first discovered Cathryn Fox's work in the recently released anthology from Avon Red, Alluring Tales - Awaken the Fantasy, and went looking for more of her work immediately. When I found her Pleasure Games trilogy, the two books she has currently released for that series were first on my list.

    Pleasure Prolonged is the second book of that series, and picks up where the first books leaves off. Our heroine, Erin Shay, had a supporting role in Pleasure Control, and Fox sets up this character's image quite deftly, convincing readers that Erin is footloose and fancy free, flitting from one man to another. We soon learn in Pleasure Prolonged that this is a façade she hides behind after some tragic experience in her romantic past. As the story begins, we find Erin determined to finally live up to the image she has carefully constructed, convinced that Kale Alexander is the perfect man for an uncomplicated fling. How perfectly ironic that the first man she attempts to have casual sex with turns out to be so much more than that!

    While Kale is a new character for us in the second book, he is no less interesting. Fox does a wonderful job of engaging the reader with Kale's charm and personality in the very first few pages, and his history unfolds easily as we read further. Honestly, if Kale Alexander were the stuff most scientists were made of, I'd be applying for work in every laboratory I could find until I secured a job next to a hunky Alpha Male scientist type! Who can resist the magnetism of a man who combines wit and hunky good looks with intelligence?

    Of course, we have the added bonus of a suspense plot in the story as Kale and Erin attempt to complete work on the Pleasure Prolonged product their lab has invented with a mysterious saboteur attempting to derail the project and steal the formula at every turn. And even while the author includes some tension filled moments of danger, she infuses them with doses of humor that had me laughing out loud!

    Pleasure Prolonged is a fun romantic tale that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat with a careful blend of romantic heat and suspenseful plot. I personally can't wait for the next book in the series to be released!

    Series Order:
    Pleasure Control (Pleasure Games)
    Pleasure Prolonged (Avon Red)
    Pleasure Exchange (Avon Red)
  • Kathleen Palmieri - The Unlikely Lavender QueenHI Jeannie, Your book was wonderful! I couldn't put it down and want to read more of your work. I am a medical person who usually only has time for reading medical journals, patient charts and reviewing case studies. So you can see why your book was such a pleasant change. I am also home recovering from a kidney transplant. I was able to vision your lavender garden and dream of being outside in the sunshine again.
    Keep up the good work and love your wonderful life. Kathy P

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  • Wizard - Great book - should be required reading in all contemporary history classesA fact filled, very important book that dispassionately exposes much of the racial mythology promulgated by the liberal media outlets from the 1970's onward. If you doubt any of it, there are hundreds of footnotes that document the historical accuracy of each chapter. If you are old enough to remember the Rodney King incident, as I am, you will recall the man-on-the-scene video recording that was played endlessly for months afterwards on the TV news, and may be shocked to learn about the few seconds of the video that were edited out from the beginning of the recording and never shown on TV, but those 20 seconds of edited video told a completely different story than was put forth by a liberal press motivated by a racial agenda. It is a real eye-opener to realize how people died as a direct result of that little bit of video editing and the lie that it told to America. It clearly shows the potential and actual evil that lies in a biased media that has lost the standard of truth and honesty in news reporting, has no remorse for the damage done, and is not held accountable for its lies and distortions. Such a media in combination with educational institutions which share the same social and political agenda are free to re-write history in their own imaginative way, creating "facts" out of thin air, and deleting any inconvenient truths. And that's only one of many fantastic chapters in this great book. I highly recommend it.
  • Hannah - They Fired The First Shot 2012This is an eye opening and quick read book even if it is so think. This just tells you as you read this book there is alot of information you did not know, and how long the play of Gov. has gone on and where it is taking us and why. Religion also has a side to what is happening to it. You can't put it down, so read a few chapters at a time. Easy to read bigger letters. You will not be sorry!!!