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  • Steven P. Hanlon - Miller Makes Tufte Proud...I've owned a couple of copies of the Thru-Hiker's Handbook, and while very helpful, it can't compare with the rich layering of information contained in the AT Guide. Combining the centerline data and the elevation profile along with tick marks is pure genius. The more you look at it the more you'll get out of the book. The town facility summaries and maps are well-written and nicely organized and are in-line with the AT mileage. The fact that everything in the book is fairly sequential makes it easy to carry a few hundred "miles" of the book by just pulling pages out in order or by using the loose-leaf edition. If you are thru-hiking or just hiking on the AT - this book is a must have!
  • Clayster - excellent productThis is my first apple product and am quite impressed. It's fast, light, thin, and connects easily to wifi. Perfect size for the kindle app as well, works better than most e-readers for reading purposes. The screen is actually much larger than the 7" tablets with the standard aspect ration, and has a nice width to it. The width to height ratio is more toward the width side of things than most tablets, which I strongly prefer and it means bigger text with news articles and less scrolling. The resolution isn't great but it's fine because of the small screen.
  • J. A. Fragoso - Definitely worth the extra dinero.At first, I really didn't see the point of spending upwards of $700 dollars on a stroller when good quality strollers go for half that price. Then after I purchased this stroller for my newborn daughter I saw just how convenient this stroller is living in an apartment. It collapses quite easily, and its versatility coming with both the basinet and the sit-up seat is incredibly useful. Furthermore, when comparing it to the Bugaboo, the UppaBaby comes with most of the accessories already including the canvas covering, 2 mosquito nets and the undercarriage storage. Yes it does have accessories that you can purchase, but with the Bugaboo not only is it more expensive but you would have to purchase these items that already come stock in the UppaBaby. The bassinet seems to be incredibly comfortable as well. I have not physically laid in it, being that I am 6'1 and incredibly muscular, but I can tell by how comfortable, peaceful and downright gorgeous my daughter appears to be when she laying in it. I bought the best mattress I could find for my daughter's crib, and the only place she will sleep without being fussy is her bassinet. In retrospect, I am very happy I gave in and purchased one of the more expensive strollers for my baby girl, and I would gladly recommend the UppaBaby to anyone I know or don't know.

    There is only one criticism I do have. Being that I am from Jersey and a Yankees fan. The UppaBaby headquarters is just outside of Boston. Enough said.

    Have a great day and good luck with your growing family!