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  • Sassy Scientist - Looooove Proactiv!When I turned 30 and saw acne on my forehead and chin it was the last straw for me. I ordered Proactiv from the company and in combination with my birth control regiment (ie, hormone control), Proactiv is extremely effective for me. When I was younger I used more harsh medications and would cry as my skin would peel off and turn so dry and flaky. Proactiv has never had this type of effect on me and I consider myself to have very sensitive skin. Because I have sensitive skin, my skin does have a bit of redness, but once I put on foundation (I use this mainly as sunprotection), it appears more 'pink' and radiant. Proactiv makes my skin very smooth and even toned and I NEVER have a breakout while using Proactiv along with my hormone control--but if I take a break from the product I can predictably expect a breakout in a week. I do recommend using a moisurizer along with the product. Also, I only use the cleanser once a day (in the morning). At night I use Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser (which does not container any scrubbing particles and is quite gentle) along with the other two components of the Proactiv kit.

    Now that I am 33 I still love the product, but I hated dealing with the company. For some reason, when you order the product it takes >2weeks for the product to arrive doing the standard $4.99 shipping option. Also, sometimes they would charge me $39.99 for the product and other times $49.99. On Amazon, not only can you always find a $39.99 option or less for the same product, but with Prime I get FREE shipping and it arrives on my doorstep a couple days after I order it. Yay!
  • Herbert A. Wade "Sunnygramps" - By far the best "Home Doctor" book aroundAs a person living in tropical Asia, health is always a concern and health care is not often very good. Therefore I have continually used this book in diagnosing and treating disease which I may pick up along the way. The advice has always been accurate and the instructions easy to follow. Note that the emphasis of the book is on tropical medicine but is highly relevant to anyone living in a remote area where health care is distant.
  • Robin - Mystery SolvedI have always wondered where my cat was when she was gone for hours on end, often overnight. So even though she is only 7 lbs, I couldn't resist buying a Tagg for her. The first night I woke up at 4 AM and checked her location on my laptop and was shocked to see that she had crossed a busy road about 1/4 mile away and was roaming around a nature reserve. I could even see a map of exactly where she had traveled on that night's journey- so cool! Another time she was gone for a few days and my kids and I used my iPhone Tagg app to locate her- sleeping in a bush in a nearby park. We called her name and she came out yawning.
    This device works as described and I highly recommend to anyone- especially those who have a pet that gets away. A friend of mine got one for her dog that is an escape artist and now she gets a text anytime he leaves the zone (a 100 foot radius around her house) and can easily locate him. Great product!

    P.S. The collar clip mechanism on the Tagg is secure- I think they improved it? My cat has never lost hers.