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  • getterdun "getterdun" - Great For Cleaning Car Windows and Ceilings TooI discovered a new use for our Swiffer that I want to share, since it might save someone else some time. If your front and back car windows are hard to clean by hand, try this. First, unsnap the top section of the Swiffer handle, giving you about an 18" handle with the Swiffer head at the end. Then, attach a small microfibre cloth to the head, spray some car window cleaner on the cloth, and wipe your car windows. It actually makes doing this fun. After I wiped mine, I attached a dry microfibre cloth and wiped them again to dry them good.
  • Penn Name - Uranium 4 UranusWhat can I say? I'm on medication that causes severe constipation. I bought this item with one of the recommended applicators. It works like a charm! I've never been happier!!

    Wifey does insist that I use public toilets but that's a small price to pay!
  • Tracy R. - Awesome toyI got this as a gift. my son absolutely loves this toy. He started playing with it at 3 weeks old, still loves it at 7 weeks old, and im sure will continue to love it. He loves staring at the mirror, reaching for the toys, and he LOVES kicking the piano and making it play the music. Would definitely recommend this product!!!!