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  • Noah Arsenault "Winter's Read" - Good challenge to society's view of datingI understood Joshua Harris' viewpoint on dating really well. Frankly, I just about agree with him. The worldly view of dating equates love with sex, and that premarital intimacy is expected. This is not how Christians are to see dating and marriage. I am certainly no master in this subject, but this book is very thorough and convicting.

    The solution that Harris gives, "kissing dating good-bye," has a good reason behind it. He states that dating can easily be taken to extremes, such as a late-night car ride, and then it takes the focus off of God, and isn't done for the glory of God. Harris urges us to pursue marriage in such a way that glorifies God, rather than ourselves.

    I disagree with Harris where he thinks dating should not happen. However, to his credit, he only applies it to himself. He encourages us to date, as long as God, and not us, is given the focus. He also warns us not to use that as an excuse to follow passion and selfish pleasure.

    Overall, I recommend this book highly, because it gives a wonderful overview of dating; how it should be done, and how it shouldn't.

    *This book was provided free by Blogging For Books. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions expressed are my own.*
  • Sharon B - Amazing ReadThis book is well written and an easy read. The information contained in it is invaluable. I was not shocked at it's contents, in fact, was fascinated.
    Having been in the medical profession for over 30 years, I know that there are things out there that are kept away from us. From a physiological standpoint, it all makes sense. It is sad that this information is not readily available in all physician's clinics and hospitals.
    A book everyone should read. Preventative is the wave of the future, especially with the new healthcare changes on the horizon. I will purchase more and give them to my friends and family.
  • David C. Kraus "Stereo Lover" - Wonderful piece of glass!This is a terrific lens--the equivalent to 16-35mm on a full sensor camera. I've had a 20mm in the past and love the wide angle view. The 10-22 even adds 4 mm to the viewing angle so you can take even more unique pix with it. Canon is it as far as I'm concerned. I've owned several of their cameras and loved each one. Now, with the D30, I can fire away at will. In addition to the 10-22, I carry the 17-85 and the 70-300 DO lenses. Makes for a range of 16 to over 400 mm, enough to tackle nearly all shooting situations.
  • 1ManeTamed - it's upfrontI'm so glad I read this book. I am young, 21, I have had my heart broken and I'm getting back on the dating scene after three and a half years. I wish I had read this book a few months earlier because I was already about to get played. I feel like I understand how men work, but more importantly I understand the power I possess. This is most important. I am empowered. Although some things in the book are very blunt and you may disagree, the things said needed to be stated. Some of it is a tough pill to swallow but was a great read. I bought and finished the book today.. That's how into it I was. I will be recommending it to my girl friends.
  • Lorijorn - love the color! love the texture!I never thought that I needed a cover...but my daughter insisted that it would make my laptop better. She was right. The new cover makes my grip on the laptop more stable and safer from slipping. My laptop now has a more comfortable temperature on my lap. The color looks awesome in my living room! Love it.