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  • River Guide "CL" - Norton 360 2013My current version of Norton was about to expire so I ordered the downloadable version and it went into my Amazon account. I next wrote down the key code in case the files somehow got lost. Once a Norton subscription runs out, it gives you reminders to reorder. I clicked on the link to reorder and entered the key code and my new version installed. My other computer had an expired version of some other virus protection program. I uninstalled that version and downloaded Norton from my Amazon account. My two computers are now protected for the next year. This download process is not for people with limited computer skills but for most, it's a snap.
  • dBlues - Excellent ValueBought as a gift for my wife, this tablet is extremely easy to configure and use even for someone not technically oriented.
  • A. Leonard - I will stick with this one!I ordered this system off of an infomercial. Usually I end up regretting those purchases. However, this is one that I am so happy that I made! The bar is very sturdy and folds compactly to store under my bed. It was also a breeze to set up! I have sciatica and I have no problems getting this out from underneath my bed every morning and storing it there again after my workout.
    As for the workout, I found the beginner to be just a tad too easy for me. I did the beginner segment the first night. It wasn't hard at all. I did break a sweat, but just lightly. The following morning I did the intermediate workout and realized that none of the movements are strenuous. Then I realized...that's the beauty of the program! And to my surprise, I was so sore the next two days so it definitely does work!
    This workout was definitely refreshing. I cannot stand a workout that has you jumping around and putting unnecessary stress on your joints. It seems like a lot of money, but having this system and seeing results to me is worth it. I dont have to go to the gym. This addresses all my needs and keepsme at home!