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  • Diane Gabryjelski "Diane H" - Changed my life!!!Four months I started having major IBS issues- out of the blue. Doctors did blood tests, ultrasounds, stool samples, even a colonoscopy. All appeared healthy. Not one doctor asked me about my diet. Which I thought was great. Little did I know that my morning smoothie made with homemade almond milk, kale, strawberries was making me sick! As well as frequently eating salmon. Salmon!!!! Within two days of following the Plan, all issues were gone. ALL! I have gotten my social life back, no more painful days and nights- thank you Lyn-Genet Recitas!
  • Bitmap - This book should not be sold to the general publicThe information contained in this book could be used by drug runners, pirates, smugglers, or terrorists to avoid the authorities. As such, the book should be restricted to only law enforcement or military personnel. Ordinary civilians have no need of this kind of information.

    I am shocked that Amazon is so greedy as to allow the sale of such a dangerous book.

    Ban this book!!! It's for the children.
  • trim "trim" - Another home run from the Queen of Conservatives!I like Ann Coulter. She's attractive, well-read, and smarter than I am. When she writes a book on how to talk to the other 50% of the country that keeps voting in losers, I buy it and read it. This is another well-written gem. She goes through some liberal arguements (that seem to fall apart quickly when you use facts against them). She gives solid examples of how they will dazzle you with BS and get you off track. Maybe throw in some cuss words and talk about your religion and guns to get you off task. If all else fails, they attack your grammar and call you a name or two. Well done, Ann! Another home run!