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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 48917 Lansing, Michigan

  • T. Costa "Student of Mind" - The Best Album(s) ever!The Wall is quite possibly the best album to ever grace this universe with its presence and originality. No other album has been able to withstand the test of time with the amount of popularity as does The Wall. The Wall has become a household product of those appreciative of great music and the enduring spirit of humanity. With political overtones unmatched by even "U2" It will continue to remain popular until the ideas of oppression of the human race exist on this diminishing planet. Since this planetary race is doomed to excrement I vow to always listen to the Soundtrack, THE WALL! May the hopeful prove me wrong! 2005
  • LOLITA - BEST. BINDER. EVER.I have been looking for a solution to some of our classification and filling problems and then... Our esteemed presidential candidate has enlightened me so much over the benefits and the usability of the Avery ring binder that I felt compelled to purchase one for my husbad. I have to admit, I have been a binder outsider for most of our marriage, never making it home to cook dinner and just generally being very disobedient. I confess to even going as far as to try and control my own body without regard to what the politicians think I should be doing. For far too long I have been disregarding all their wishes and dictates, not sure why since they seem to know so much better than I do what I should or shouldn't be doing, of course as a woman I am completely lacking the qualifications that would enable me to make an informed decision.
    And to make matters worse, when my traitorous body decided of its own accord not to shut down a rape, I even went as far as to... oh how can I even say it? But yeah, I did it... with the benefit of the amazing transvaginal ultrasound that my elected official felt was necessary and required in such a case.
    I have also been known to avoid the religious settings and stuff myself with birth-control pills as any other godless, worthless female might do, so I am ready to repent.
    But I digress...
    After purchasing the binder, my husband found several suitable candidates to be added in. One committed to being home in time to cook dinner, another one committed to cooking, another one committed to taking care of the children, another committed to his needs and so on and so forth.
    I feel that our family unity has improved so much and I rather enjoy having all my sister wives tied in a binder with me, I feel we are now keeping with the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and we are well on our way to proving our worth. The celestial marriage should seal us together for all eternity so that we may all become godesses if our HE-WHO-HOLDS-THE-BINDER will find us worthy to be called into heavens by our secret name. Thank you, thank you, I bow down to you, mighty HE-WHO-HOLDS-THE-BINDER!
    Next steps? Purchasing some "magic underwear" and trying to find one of these fancy, big and special lapel pins for hubby's suit then climbing to the 1% since the 47% has been getting rather crowded lately, there are also too many binder women in this category so I feel the stress of the competition.
    Thank you Mr. presidential candidate for making such amazing decisions for me and my family, thank you for the binder idea which has so enriched and fundamentally changed our lives!
  • beyond joy - Just what I was looing for!I have only been using this for a few days and I really love it! I have an iPhone 5s with an OtterBox case, the GripGo is both exactly what I thought it would be and exactly what I hoped it would be.

    I should probably state that I was expecting it to:
    *Be that sticky gel like produced - similar to those old vending machine toys
    *Stick well to my windshield - this is pretty old technology by now
    *Be a little tricky to peel off the back of my phone - I am dexterous, strong and am familiar with peel off sticky things. They need to be peeled, not pulled

    I hoped it would be:
    *Be an elegant mounting solution that works with my OtterBox Commuter case - and it does that very well

    So far it does everything I wanted and is exactly what I was looking for. It does take some strength and finesse to peel my iPhone off the stand, but I can do it just fine with one hand. I can also chuck my phone at it and it just sticks, quite strong. The only complaint I have is that the phone mount can not angle to a full 90 degrees, but that is only minor, and the swivel turn in almost every which way, which is nice.