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  • Martha F. Kleyn-schoorel - The Window of the Lord's returnI have read "The Window of the Lord's Return." It was truly fascinating to me since I have always believed the 'Pre-tribulation' view. After considering the scriptures concerning the 'Mid-tribulation' view, I was convinced that John had pointed out the true interpretation of the subject. It is a truly fascinating read! I could hardly put it down till I had finished it.
    With todays troubled times, I think it is most important that we have the proper view concerning the Coming of the Lord. This book IS A MUST READ for anyone who had prior belief's based upon the 'Pre-tribulation' doctrine.

    Jacksonville, Oregon
  • B.E. - hopefulI have previously had hair removed on my lower legs at my doctors office. I got 6 treatments for $1000. The reviews for this product were very good and reviews for other products were not good. I decided to take a chance. This product did not cost much more than the $200 it would cost me for another doctor's treatment.(6 treatments did not remove all hair). Plus I could use this on other parts of my body. I have used it a few times and have stopped all hair growth on one lower leg (haven't done the other one yet) and mostly stopped underarm hair growth. It will be awhile to complete all areas but I have high hopes.
  • Lancelot - Hooray for safetyIf you are actually reading this, then you probably don't need this book. Unless you need help falling asleep at night, or want to be briefed on the latest codes so you can ask some obscure questions at the next city council meeting and stump the politicians. Codes are great and all - they do keep us safe, but sheesh that's a lot of material to be responsible for.
  • Renée - Hello World - Easy ReadAs the title suggests it's a COMPLETE understanding of computers, it is detail oriented and easy to read, with plenty of pictures and colored headers with tiny side notes to links that you can check for yourself online for further research, it covers a wide range of topics such as computer hardware components to software programs and what types, it even gives you a little taste of current projects from IT oriented companies to keep things in perspective, however, this book assumes you know nothing about computers. It is not a technical manual by any means. I support this book for those who struggle with computer literacy, are just starting out and want to quickly become familiar with computers or who are searching for an unbiased open explanation to some of today's computer terminology and its concepts and how they impact our daily lives.
  • Hillsy - So far so goodAs with the other reviews I have read, this product is ready in a few minutes out of the box. I have a road bike with a slick tire, so the noise on this is minimal. I use the trainer in the basement on carpet so I have a rubber mat under it . I am able to watch a ball game while using the trainer at a normal volume level.