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  • fussmucker - A really good sub for the price!I initially ordered a different make and model of sub but decided it wasn't for me when it arrived and I found that it could have doubled as an end table. Besides, 300 watts and our small living room just didn't belong together. The Yamaha has more than ample power for a smaller unit. I haven't even cranked it up all the way in the interest of staying friends with my neighbors and preserving my hearing. Take it from's more than ample for a smaller space...I like action movies and pop and some rock and thus far, the Yamaha has performed beautifully. I turned it on while watching Spartacus and it was the next best thing to being in a theater. Plenty of power, great bass, relatively compact size...I'd recommend this unit to anyone. One more can't beat the price and the unit has a magnetic shield (not all do) which means you don't have to worry about placing it too close to the TV.
  • Dan - Quicken 2013We love this program! To be able to enter our receipts on the fly with our smartphone or tablet keeps us so much more organized! I would highly recommend this product, even if you are already using Quicken! This is worth the cost of the upgrade!
  • "Ali" - Great GuideWe buy Leonard Maltin's movie guide every 2-3 years. The reviews are concise and the star ratings are usually helpful. We sometimes disagree, but usually the ratings are very useful. The only fault we find is that some of the older actors are not listed now. Otherwise, a very helpful movie guide.
  • G. Reyes "ghavo..." - Great CompilationThis is a great compilation. My 4 year old daughter would sing along with some of the songs. I have a 6 disc CD changer in the car so by the time I've gone over the 2 CDs, I am ready to start over again. Also the fact that it includes the MP3s with the price, it makes it an incredible deal.