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  • Julie A. Gabhart "Aoife" - Perfect SolutionMy husband is particularly warm-blooded. He has had trouble being too hot when he sleeps for quite some time. So our choices were limited. We could either A. turn the air on so cold I was freezing or B. force him to sleep uncomfortably warm. I remembered someone telling me that they had purchased a cooling pillow insert when they started going through menopause and that it was the best thing ever. When I told my husband about it, he sort of thought I was joking, but he was willing to try it. We got it in the mail, followed the instructions for filling and removing air and were ready to go. He has never slept better. Now, I want one! I don't get particularly hot, but I have had crippling migraines for years and the coolness of the Chillow is so soothing, not cold, just right - not that he will share. Luckily Christmas is coming up. Maybe I will get lucky!
  • Ryan Sheridan - I really like the unit and performs very well.I really like this tablet. It is the first tablet I have owned. Easy to use and understand. Works at a quick speed and no issues with connecting with wi-fi hot spots. I highly recommend this product. Just don't buy the the Wireless Keyboard case from Samsung cheaply built!!
  • Busy Buddy - Great value, easy to useThis is the second year in a row that I have purchased McAfee Total Protection 3-User. I like the idea that I can register and install with the just the product key rather than use the install disk. If this is a new install from a previous anti-virus be sure to completely un-install your old anti-virus application. You will have to install with the supplied software disk. I am currently using this sofware on one desktop and two laptop computers running Vista, Windows 7, and good old XP. If you are new to a total protection anti-virus, you will find that you can customize many of the settings to your liking.