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  • Wesley Irvin - Suprisingly good dealOddly, AVG Tune up just totally screwed up my computer. In desperation I bought this as a download to see if it could straighten out the mess I was in... and it did. I went from a messed up registry to one that Windows was suddenly able to fix. My computer came back on line (after a Windows update and file fix that suddenly kicked in after I used this thing) and everything started working perfectly. Since I have upgraded to Norton Utilities for an even better computer maintenance experience, but I will always be grateful to PC tuneup for saving me from having to take my baby in to the Geek Squad, which would have cost a lot more than 9.99 :)
  • RegalEntity - What do you expect?This product meets all the required standards for a moderately expensive tablet. There really aren't any issues that I can attribute to this tablet. It's the Samsung Galaxy II! What would you expect from such a prestigious tablet? It works well, and I believe it to be the best bang for your buck. WiFi works extremely well. Picture quality is adequate (It's not a digital camera or a camcorder). The sound quality is decent for the size. If you would like to fill the room with sound, I would recommend purchasing some bluetooth speakers to sync with the tablet, to ensure satisfying sound quality (but not a crucial application). Able to insert microSD which is essential for storage space, and it alleviates the complexity of transferring data for those of us who aren't technologically savvy. Just some insight for those who will be purchasing a tablet for the first time. Make sure you get at least a screen protector although a case for the tablet would also be prudent. Never wipe your screen without some type of lubrication, if your just using a soft cloth out of your towel collection. Spray the towel or cloth with any reasonable type of cleaner and then apply it to the tablet. These screens will scratch easily and although it normally doesn't effect the picture quality and may hardly be noticeable, trust me, you will notice it. haha Anyway, good buy and well worth it. Good luck with your decision.
  • sophiaedm - Superb-- it lays out the futureI finished Age of Context, actually I finished it two nights after it was sent to me. It's insightfully incredible. Age of Context is everything I hoped The New Digital Age would be. It explains the future to anyone, which I believe will be millions and millions of people. I've already told all my friends they need to purchase it.

    Even if people know the potential of Glass, Scoble and Israel lay the groundwork for getting people to picture their life with it. I hope people read this book and proceed to brainstorm ideas on what products they can help build on Glass and it's competitors to make this world a better place.

    This book will be widely successful. Superb job. I love Glass and all of it's potential. Cheers to reaching the very beginnings of the exponential growth curve.
  • Michael J. Lipphardt - The current best 10" tablet - sorry, AppleI've tried a number of tablets, to put it mildly. Blackberry Playbook. Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+. iPad 2. Lenovo IdeaPad. HP Touchpad. All of them have features that are better than their competition, all of them have problems. The Samsung has very poor sound. The Playbook is an excellent platform let down by a lack of apps. The Touchpad, same as the Playbook. The IdeaPad is rock solid and feels like it will survive a war, but is far too heavy and suffers, again, from poor sound. The iPad has a superb app ecosystem, the display is above average, sound is horrible. The Asus Transformer covers most of the problems above. Sound is superb for a tablet. Display is excellent. Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the best Android by a long shot. The only thing letting this tab down is the relative dearth of apps compared to Apple. However there are apps for almost everything you could want and the tablet is fast, light, slim, sounds great and is just the nearest thing to a laptop replacement you can find. Add the dock and it's a very light machine that can go anywhere and run all day, and the office apps let you do what you need. Very highly recommended. It's unfortunate Apple doesn't have a dock like this. But the iPad would still suffer from poor sound. If I had to dump all my tabs except one, this would be the keeper.