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  • rdinatale - You just need patienceMost of the 1 star reviews are from may 15th... This was the most anticipated game for PC and Mac... The stress test got over 300k ppl online... I say... just give it a little time! Of course there will be battle.net disfunctionalities the day of release considering there was a massive logging in on may 15th! It was obvious that you were going to require internet connection for playing ANY modality of the game... I think in the 21st century it is foolish to think that a game of this kind will not require internet connection... And all of blizzard games require it to play their games...it's like complaining because WoW requires internet connection...

    Also this way there will be no hacking... and believe me! one of the MAJOR problems in diablo 2 were hackers... If you want to hack your game, ok give a 1 star review, If you want to enjoy your game 5 star.

    Today may 16th after the 11pm-3am maintenance there are no more disfunctionalities and the game runs perfectly! Good luck to everyone...

    Awesome game! Strongly recommend you to buy it! 5 star for you blizzard... You did it again :)
  • Dave - Everyone, regardless of back pain, should buy this bookLike many other reviewers here, I find this book to be simply fantastic. This is the solution I knew existed and have been looking for for quite some time. The last reviewer summed it up pretty elegantly.

    Only 24 years old myself, I have been suffering from chronic back pain for 7 years now, and it keeps getting worse. My experience with doctors and chiropractors is that nobody knows what they are talking about and everyone is trying to get your money. I always knew that there was a simple answer out there (we didn't evolve with this fatal flaw), but never knew where to look.

    Esther's method is simple and does not require any exercises, rather it is incorporated into your daily life - sitting, sleeping, standing, walking.

    I have been using her methods for about 4 weeks now, and have the following results:

    -Virtually no pain in the car anymore, which used to be one of the worst parts of my day
    -Very little pain while sleeping, which used to not provide relief
    -Moderate pain/discomfort sitting at work for 8-10 hours a day, which used to be completely unbearable
    -Much less "popping" of my back and neck. I am not sure what this means exactly but it must be a good thing
    -More energy, positive attitude (seriously, I feel more awake, I can lift more at the gym, and I am in a better mood)
    -To be euphemistic, improved operation of excretory system
    -Much more defined abdominal muscles, and slimmer midsection
    -Visually improved body appearance (more defined muscles, better alignment of chest and shoulders)
    -I can only imagine things will get better as I continue to use this method

    Even if you do not have back pain, I recommend this book to understand and appreciate the human body, and how it is supposed to operate. You may surprise yourself with the results.

    Many thanks to Esther for nailing this one.
  • RAE Multimedia - High Quality Heating Pad!My doctor prescribed a heating pad for lower back pain, and I selected the Sunbeam 2013-912 XpressHeat Heating Pad, Extra Large (12" x 24"), which was an excellent selection.

    It is well made and has plenty of heat, plus it automatically switches to "idle" mode after a while, which is handy in case you fall asleep.

    This is a high-quality unit, and I recommend it, for sure.

    For sure!