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  • D. Fazekas - Very happy with the product!I have been using Quicken for more than 10 years. The product has come a long way since I first starting using it. I like the redesigned budget and debt reduction planners. I use almost every feature this software has to offer including the vast variety of reports. This software has help me reduce my debts significantly using the scheduling system, planning, money forecasting, and reports the software provides. I plan my finances for the entire year and use the projected balance feature to keep my finances in line with my financial goals. Yes the unexpected does happens and I have to readjust as time goes on, but it keeps me from spending my money wastefully.

    The product works very well for the most part. There are some corks, but I am overall satisfied with the upgrade and improvements. It is by far the best personal financial software on the market. No other product even comes close to what this product offers. It was well worth the upgrade in my opinion.
  • Bill Hamilton ( - A must for medical missionaries...Clear, concise, illustrated, and practical are but a few words that describe of this book. I especially appreciated the "attitude" of the book... not only one of healing the sick, but also one of teaching those in the village how to establish a medical community of their own. It's a great book to use and then leave for those with whom you've been working. "Where There Is No Dentist" would be a good companion, as well.