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  • A reader from Colts Neck, NJ - How to avoid the machine leakingI read many reviews here before buying this machine. I have now had it about 6 months and use it practically every day to make "nutriblasts" and it has NEVER leaked. I blend baby spinach, about 1/2c water and whatever fruit I have on hand. As suggested in other reviews, I do not overfill the blender jar. I put in stuff up to the line and pulse it down, then add the rest of my fruit and continue blending until smooth.

    What no one else has mentioned, and I think is the key: NEVER PLACE THE BLADE ASSEMBLY IN THE DISHWASHER!! It clearly states not to do this in the instructions, but let's face it, we're all lazy and the natural inclination is to put the lid on the top shelf of the dishwasher along with the jar. If you do this,the gasket inside the lid will stretch out with the heat of the dishwasher, and the seal will no longer be tight. Before you know it, your Nutribullet will start leaking. This happened to me with my regular blender, which is why I knew not to do it.
  • kclady - Love itI bought one at the apple store yesterday and I love it. I was unhappy with my current tablet. Upon first use it was obvious to me that the ipad is superior to everything on the market. I finally understand why everyone loves these thing!. Super fast, a lot of power. I watched movies all night with flawless streaming. AND GUESS WHAT??!?!? You can watch your amazon unbox videos and movies on it!!!!! Its the only tablet outside the kindle Fire that allows access to amazon digital movies/tv. !! main reson i wanted this for i was tired of having 2 tablets. I had a kindle fire and a toshiba excite. now i can sell my other 2 and keep this.

    Only thing i did not like is it asks you for your password everytime you download an app
  • Linda - Works for me. Love this and will buy again.I must have gotten lucky. I've had mine two years now and still do not need to replace it but if it falls apart, I'd buy another. I purchased at a brick/mortar store because I wanted coffee that day. Never had a problem with this. My mom, (elderly) an avid coffee drinker, who always prepared it the old fashioned messy way in a percolator with the loose grinds has jumped on the bandwagon to Keurig. Makes sense, who has the time for brewing and the pot/grind clean up afterwards? I don't have that kind of time in the morning. Not to mention I like to switch up brands and would rather have pods then 4 different types of coffee cans. This is so easy for my mom to use, and she is not a gadget person. And when I go to visit we each can have our own roast of choice, she prefers light roasts while I want bolder roasts, without making two separate pots of coffee on the stove. Works for me.
  • Chimica Robinson "Proud Mommy... and Writer" - OMG This book RocksI'm a female ( using my new boyfriends account) and I saw this book at a local art gallery. I can honesty say the advice is true and should be used. I know how hard it is to meet guys and in this book it explains where woman like me actually go and see very few guys. This gives great advice on how to talk to a woman and how to really get the date you've been dying for from the right woman. I actually wish someone would have written s book like this for me... :)
  • Semper Fi "Rockanimal" - Always worksI have alway used norton products. My subscription expired and I dint renue it since I used my ipad more than anything. I stareted to usemy pc one day an got infected by (AV Security Essentials), a very nasty mix of spayware aided by powerful trojans that do changes to root files and system 32. Well I downloaded this version of norton was cheap and instant acces no wait for delivery. Installed it, thesoftware new right away without evenscaning the pc because of the virus attacking norton. Norton gave an error number downloaded an eraser tool, scaned system 32 and root files found the abnormal files and wiped them clean. Autsanding work saved my personal confidential info and works on 3pc. Cant beat that for under 40 bucks. I recomend you this product. Dont let norton haters tell you otherwise, the days of norton slowing your computer down are long gone. Save your self from some major headaches. SEMPER FI.