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  • S.Cline "Insanity Not Required Will Train" - AMAZING BOOK! WOWSERS! YOU'D NEED A FORKLIFT! :)William Stanek is getting better every time, just when I got done with his other book on Windows 8 Pocket Consultant; which should be renamed Windows 8 Consultant Bible for it pretty much what it is; but this Windows Server 2012 is loaded to the core; and trust me I didn't add this FORKLIFT in there to be funny; for this is one huge book and quite heavy indeed! Superimposed, I must add, it is exceeding impressive as Stanek goes into the depth and core in all aspect and details, covering all the bases within and without; it isn't all about Active Directory or the Cloud; but rather as one as an individual or as a Corporation, with all the how to's in configurations including the hybrids and so forth and includes all the codes and inputting and commands and such the like which is imperative to operate the Windows Server 2012. Stanek doesn't stop there; but also expounds why you can't do this or you can't do that and the results of doing so moreover the proper way of doing this as well as that and the result and outcome thereof as well as making sure all the bases is covered from every corner from security to the user; it isn't all about A.D. (Active Directory) and this simplified Hyper-V; Windows 8 has gone beyond the comprehension in technology in the World of Server that it makes Server 2008R2 look "Ancient" in the light of Server 2012's glory.
  • Puppydog58 "Sue" - This is WonderfulI have IBS and severe constipation, after using Align, I am feeling much better, I think is medication is WONDERFUL!
  • booger - Beautiful RuinsJess Walter's Beautiful Ruins is one of those books we say about; "You must read that". The narrative starts in early 60th, a small town Italian coastal line. The description of this little fishing village and its characters is so vivid, it gives you a feeling you visited the place. There is a small hotel there and the owners son becomes one of the main characters of the book. Life in the hotel and the village changes upon an arrival there of young and beautiful American actress. She arrives to rest and meet her mystery friend there. Walter takes us on a journey from that time Italy and brings us through years and lives of characters to mid- seventies Seattle, present day Hollywood and toward small theater group in today's Spokane. The result is an intricate and beautiful web of events and characters, whose decisions in the past brought us towards their today's life. It is all done in a mastery of writing, which is nothing short of the best novels recently published.
  • Parris Drakeford - Best book of the YearZeitoun is a remarkable, heroic, momentous story about America in the time of Katrina. Egger offers a life altering experience to anyone who is open to reading it. Tales of a man who risks his own life to save many others and of the government's neglectfulness of its citizen's post- Katrina. A miraculous journey through Abdulrahman and Kathy Zeitouns courageous and constant lives brings about all types of human emotions. I recommend this book to everyone.
    -Parris Drakeford