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  • Lori Dzik - Office Pro 2013 is AwesomeI had heard that Office 2013 wasn't favored by many people. From the first day I have been working with it (from previous version 2007), I find it very user friendly. Reminds me more of using an apple product. Even though it looks considerably different, the ease of finding documents, icons, etc is great. Publisher and Excel has updated some things that weren't available in the 2007 version. Word actually is much easier to work with for graphics (much more like Publisher). Impressed with the update!
  • dmore - Returned iPad to keep Prime !I bought iPad and Asus prime together. I wanted to keep only one and finally I returned iPad. I like the display of Asus prime over iPad, it is not only bigger but brighter too. I don't see any major difference in the speed though.
    After ICS update and firmware updates this tablet runs even more powerful and amazing. Touch screen is amazingly accurate and fast, sound quality of speaker is better than any average laptop out there, just plug and play to load data from PC and plenty of memory with microsd card.
    Now I bought another one for my brother and both of them are not having any wi-fi issues. I don't care about GPS, so I am not even testing it. Now a day's all the new cars have navigation inbuilt or everyone have the personal gps. I wonder who really uses tablets for navigation. I would suggest buying and trying this tablet before you start believing what people are saying. Amazon is offering you free return and full refund on it, so why not give a try to this excellent gadget.
  • Joseph J. Slevin - Still an Ageless Classic - Take a Journey in Career ExplorationThey call it the number one career book of all time, mainly because it released annually. Parachute is really a primer in career exploration. Other books add a ton of value after you get this foundation. Because of that, Bolle's is timeless for job seekers of all kinds. I feel that his book updated each year to meet the current trends in society is critical. He needs to address those issues, like the web, downturn in the economy and the like.

    The most critical part of the book is the self evaluation section. This is a very structured process that can be used intutitively as well. Bolles asks you to write a few stories about yourself, then, what did you like and dislike about those stories? What did you do well, where did you fail or feel challenged beyond your abilities? These are the critical areas of the book that take time to get through, yet you can evaluate yourself and understand what you like, it is what you do best, usually.

    We excel what we are good at, according to Bolles, this method will help us discover what we are best at.

    I have recommended this book to many over the years, and still do. Whether someone is in college, or someone is going through a long term transition after being in a job for a long time or moms returning to the work place, this book will be very instructive for you.

    One of his processes is very simple asking you to compare who you would most like to talk with or groups of people you would rather relate with. This is a standard set of tests for some very expensive career consulting, he gives it to you for the price of his book and the time to self evaluate yourself. Then, he breaks down the possible job areas and skill sets related to these groups.

    Again, a worthwhile journey for anyone not wanting to wander any longer in the world of work.

    Job Coach
  • Thomas Scranton - Panda continues to excel.This is my 5th year using Panda Antivirus product. Used Norton prior to Panda and was disgusted with how slow it made my machine.
    Since switching to Panda, I can hardly tell the product is installed until you see it pop up and tell you it caught a virus or another attack.
    I would recommend this antivirus program to anyone seeking excellent protection without slowing your computer down.
    Also costs less too.
  • Big J - Massive Attack's Blue Lines is Incredible!Why in the hell did it take me 9 years to buy this cd? After reading a magazine article and listening to a few tracks of this album on the internet, I decided to buy it. Wow, this album is truley great. I can't believe it was made a whole decade ago. The sounds they use I like alot. They are simple, but I love them. Songs like "Safe From Harm", "One Love", "Unfinished Sympathy", "Blue Lines", and "Five Man Army" are gems. The other songs are ok, but these alone are well worth your 14$ or whatever.