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  • cherry wood shopper - Great road bikeI bought this bike, over the podium 1, for the better Shimano Tiagra gears for my Triathlon. I had the bike assembled from a local bike shop rather than try to put together myself, being so close to my Triathlon, so I cannot make any comments of assembly. When I picked up the bike I noticed how lightweight it was. For the size, a 56cm, it was as light as my girlfriends women's size Jamis. The bike looks very nice and sleek which I was impressed with (if looks are a factor for you). My first test ride went great no problems and was very fast I felt (at least to lugging my mountain bike on my prior Triathlon). Next ride was actual day of my triathlon. So let me say I'm a newbie and just started biking but I seemed to have no problem keeping up or passing most of those on the bike course. I'm putting that on equipment, definitely not me! I noticed especially on the uphills the gears worked very well over some of the more pricey tri bikes. The straightaways some of the hardcore tri guys passed me up, but overall I felt this was a very respectable road bike. If your looking for an entry level tri bike that won't break the bank you will definitely be pleased with the performance for the price. I'm always looking to get out and ride again to get faster and would definitely recommend this bike. I have about only 40 miles so far and not a single problem. Happy riding!
  • windword - Very nice tabletVery nice tablet. Pleased with the performance. Fast internet speed. Great value for the money. Arrived quick. Do recommend Samsung tablets to friends.
  • Angie M Moriconi - The Howly TrinityPros: This shirt is proof of God. As soon as I laid eyes on it I heard a voice in my head. 3 of them actually. One said "God that's a dern good shirt!". The second "God what I wouldn't give to own those sweet threads". The third said "If it's meant to be God will provide". I looked down at my feet and right there then in front of my feet was a crisp $20 bill. I thought maybe the voices in my head was me until that moment. God has spoken. He wanted me to don this wolf pack. I have obliged my maker. I am grateful to God and also to the old woman who dropped the $20 trying to put it back in her purse with her shaky hands at walmarts. It's like...everything before this shirt is 'the before time'. 'Before shirt'. 'BS' if you will.
    Cons: no matching pants