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  • G. E. Schroeder "Queen of Coincidence" - Puzzling Out the Human ConditionI picked up this book for my Advanced Writing class at college. I had never actually read many essays. I'm not sure if I'd have really known what an essay was if it bit me in the tukus. That being said, this book and the class I'm taking, has opened me up to a wonderful new world of writing. Each essay is trying to further puzzle out the human condition. I'm no philosopher, and I generally find it frustrating to let questions spin and spin around in my head when they can't be answered. For some reason, the essays in this book actually empower me. It's the darnedest thing because I'm not easily motivated. They make me want to write. I do write every day now. It's my dream to one day be published in this book.
  • Juan Ferreira - I'm pleasently suprised.Bought the Hairmax Laser Comb about 6 weeks ago and people are starting to notice a difference in my hair already.Looks fuller and I can see little hairs growing on my temple its crazy didn't think this was going to work can't wait til 2-3 months down the road.I will post another review then. (AUG 22 update) let me tell you that my results from using the laser comb have been great my hair looks great alot of people are noticing now this has been one of the best purchases i've made in years wow can't believe it. Will post another update in Nov. i am now taking propecia also to get even better results.If you want to get your hair back buy this product.
  • Guillermo E. Cubero Jr. - Exactly what my girlfriend wanted.I bought this for my girlfriend and she loved it. She loved it so much I bought her a matching case for her iPhone 5 from a different seller. The link is below in case anyone is interested. The nice thing about it is you can see the apple logo through the case. There are also some vents on the bottom, I assume for cooling but unnecessary since MacBooks don't have open vents on the bottom.

    Turquoise iPhone 5 Case
  • Misty Kimble "Misty" - My Crohn's Disease is manageable w/o medsI was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last September. I was in a lot of pain because I had inflammation from my stomach all the way to the other end. Conventional meds weren't working so my doctor told me in December that I would have to go on Humira or Remicaid or would be facing surgery in the next year. Either would cost me about $600/month out of pocket. I got the BTVC and started the diet Jan 5, 08. I didn't do the intro portion and jumped right into eating whatever I wanted. I had some relief but was still taking pain meds. I joined a Yahoo group dedicated to SCD and found out about the intro diet. I started that on Feb 5. My pain stopped within 48 hours and I have only had a couple of "flares" or setbacks as I call them since. I slowly add food one thing at a time to my diet, go back to intro when I eat something that doesn't agree with me, and I couldn't be happier. The reason most people fail on this diet is because they eat advanced foods to fast. I am currently off all meds and haven't had to take a pain pill since Feb 5. Go to and look at the stages they have outlined. They don't work for everyone, but will give you and idea of what is considered an advanced food. Try the diet if you have digestive issues. I promise it's worth it.