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  • BookDive27 - Helpful tool for GMAT prepThis book makes sure that you are very prepared for the GMAT with the explanations of each section of the test, strategies, hints and tips to look for on test day, simulations and practice quizzes, as well as how to go about the process of applying to grad schook/B. School. This is one of the best GMAT prep materials ever.
  • M Mitchell "Marita" - The Love of my Life!My Kindle Fire is the love of my life. I honestly believe that it is the best tablet on the market. It can do everything I need for a fraction of the price. I have owned a Kindle for 3 years, but my Fire is relatively new.

    As far as reading goes, my favourite new feature is XRay, which allows me to look back over the book at a glance. I Also love now being able to see all the content in a book, including graphics and photos. Of course I can also listen to a book, with or without earphones. I even use a Hypnosis App to help me go to sleep.

    However, the Fire is about so much more: games, apps, magazines, YouTube, the Internet and everywhere that it leads to. It stays charged for many hours and is so easy to navigate. I can't imagine life without it.

    Living in South Africa, I am delighted with all the new access we have been given since July, but we still can't access Prime, Movies or borrowing books. But this is only a small disappointment, when everything else works so well.

    My most favourite thing to do on my Fire is using knitting patterns, which I can enlarge for my elderly eyes, and it stands beautifully on its very clever cover!
  • Lisa S. "lisamstarwars" - Hilarious!This book had me laughing out loud for almost the entire book! There's advice on everything from what to do with pantiliners (I'm laughing even now) to 10 things to do with your boss's business card. (I just got laid off, so the latter was of particular interest to me). Of course, if you actually DO some of these things, you need your head examined. This book is great fun for any woman with common sense & who needs a laugh.
  • Country girl - Love these things!I have a summer place w/out electricity, and get tired of boiling pots of coffee all over the stove. However, I do have a very nice generator that I can kick on and make A CUP of coffee in about 2 minutes, without having to clean up the entire porcelain stove every time. No bells and whistles, just good coffee. Showed up in 3 days. It's a keeper.
  • Laura - At Home In Mitford (and all the books in the Mitford series)My wonderful sister-in-law sent me this book, saying she thought I would like it and I can honestly say that I LOVED IT!
    I immediately ordered the rest of the books in the series (as well as Jeremy Bunny for my daughter) and could not put them down...never wanting the story and the characters--whom I came to love--to leave. How refreshing to be captivated by such wholesome and heart-warming material. Thank you,Jan Karon; you have a true gift and I'm so glad that you share it with us. Please write more...I miss Mitford!