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  • "erickareese" - I loved the artist's wayJulia Cameron's book was so inspiring and encouraging. This book is for anyone who wants to recover their creativity. I learned that everyone's creative. She changed my beliefs of what's possible for me as an artist. She made a connection between spirituality and creativity which I had never previously considered. She helped to keep me from becoming a bocked writer with her artist's dates and with filling the well. Though it may seem silly the artist date is like a play date for yourself and Julia Cameron explains that as you take images out of your "well" you must keep "filling the well" with new images or the well will dry up. If the well dries up you can become a blocked artist. The artist recovery course is a total of twelve weeks. She shows the reader how to deal with rejection and disappointment. She has a few quotes on the suject such as one quoted by Blake Edwards, "...he concluded that creativity, not time, would best heal his creative wounds." She also offered a great piece of advice. When struck by loss or rejection as an artist instead of saying why me or what's the point, ask "what next?" The rough translation is,and I quote, "Don't let the bastards get you down." One of my favorite things about the book is that throughout the entire book she has inspiring and encouraging quotes on the sidelines of the pages. I loved reading them all. There's too much information to sum up the book up well in a review. You have to read the book, but one of my favorite questions she had was this one:Question: "Do you know how old I'll be by the time I learn to really play the piano/act/paint/write a decent play?"Answer: "...the same age you will be if you don't."
  • Sherri - Perfect for my IBSI take one every morning and it keeps my IBS-C in check! The gas pains have lessened and my BMs are more regular. Of course this isn't a miracle pill, you still have to maintain a healthy diet, eat a lot of fiber and drink plenty of water for optimal results. I also take peppermint pills and drink aloe juice which all works very good. I no longer have to take Amitiza which made me feel dizzy & high (in a bad way). Thank you align!
  • Bill Weidner - God, Do I LOVE This WomanAll you have to do is read a few of those one-star reviews of her book to discover why I love Ann Coulter. Anyone who can get our liberal friends so fired up that the hatred literally drips from their words has got to be worshipped. Liberal fear of MS Coulter is also obvious on our college campuses, where she and David Horowitz routinely find themselves banned from speaking, most recently at that bastion of academic freedom, Columbia University in lovely New York City.

    Ann Coulter is as refreshing as a summer's breeze. I keep her book, "Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama" either by my bedside or on the kitchen table. Every time I need a little emotional pick-me-up, I read a few pages and feel better immediately. In less than 300 pages Ann Coulter has managed to slash and burn every false racial accusation the Democrats have been using against Republicans for the last 60 years.

    Ann is at her best pointing out Democrat's hypocrisy. Coulter shows how Lyndon Johnson opposed Civil Rights legislation "up until five minutes before he became President." Johnson later boasted on Air Force One, "I'll have them n*****s voting Democratic for two hundred years." She shows how Bill Clinton opposed welfare reform up to the point he was forced 'kicking and screaming' to sign it. And then how the left hailed Clinton "as a genius" for reforming 'welfare as we know it.' This is truly amazing stuff. She showed how the Twana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse accusations of rape, FALSE accusations of rape, played directly into the liberal Democrat template of RACIST WHITE behavior. How the Democrats grabbed at the bait and run with it and later, when all the evidence came in, looked like the fools they truly are.

    The great tragedy here, which MS Coulter does not fully explain, is that the real victims of the liberal Democrat Party and their dire fascination with RACISM are African Americans, nearly all of whom support the Democrats. As I write this at the beginning of the second Obama Administration the unemployment rate for black males in America is standing at 20.2%. As Maxine Waters (Dem-California)once said, "If Obama was a white(Republican)President, the Black Congressional Caucas would be marching on the White House, demanding that he do something about black unemployment." In Michigan, the Governor's review panel of Detroit's financial situation has reported back to the Governor. Liberal Democrats have run the City of Detroit for 60 plus years. The panel's finding, "said the City of DETROIT is plagued by operational dysfunction." Detroit is staring financial bankruptcy right in the face. It would be the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. Democrat run Chicago is not far behind. The victims of all this financial mismanagment are often the poorest residents in our cities and they are overwhelmingly African Americans.

    This is an easy 5-STAR selection. MS Couter's wit, intelligence and wonderful writing skills are all on display here. Coulter's book provides a brief island of intellectual sanity in our otherwise irrational society.
  • Esperanza Reynolds "Hope Reynolds" - A great tool for your business... or personal use...This product review is part of my obligation to Amazon for accepting to be a member of the Vine program, a club of selected customers that provide opinions about "new and pre-released items." We enter this club by accepting free copies of products but we promise in return to submit an opinion.

    We own and work with Quick Books already and we sincerely appreciate its contribution to efficiency and effectiveness for small businesses.

    The software allows you to organize vendors, customers, checks, invoices, providing a central place where to search and be immediately able to see / review and use historical data.

    We could not do without Quick Books because of its reliability. Yes, it requires consistent input, religious attention to details, and the review of each and every document, but once the files are created, regardless of who calls for information... it is at your finger tips!

    One of our favorite tools is the search / help process that allows you to learn as you go on the uses of this program.

    It is easy to use and the tools are excellent for personal / small business use.