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  • C. DICKERSON - Exciting workout.I had the original Your Shape Evolved. I have to say that this game changed so much and is better equipped to cater for different workout needed. I enjoy the warm ups and different dance workouts. This has got to be the best workout game in Kinect as far as I'm concern. Even my son plays along, he thinks the "run the world" is fun. He even tried doing the warm ups with me and he's 3 years old. Highly recommended for busy individuals who prefers working out in the comfort of their own home without the hassle of going to the gym. This game works.
  • Mikss - Be Honest : Possibly BEST Portable Speaker EVER !I was wait for it came out over month , and finally receive it .
    I own and check many different kind of portable speakers and many different headphones from brand like : Beats,Bose,Logitech, and others .
    I was search for many month and compare so many different portable speakers around shops like Best Buy and Fry's . I was looking for something portable and compact to easy to care but with serious sound quality and also want to have room-filling sound with great base . The few speakers i was thinking of Bose Bluetooth speaker and Beats .
    Bose have serious sound quality and probably one of the best , and if you listen classic music its definitely best choice for you . Beats " Headphones if Great nothing to say , myself i own 3-4 of different one , but speaker i feel good but not that great as headphones . Beats Pill looks beautiful and portable but as i see its doesn't sound loud and have amazing base , as i said good but not great .
    Then i was look at that one and TDK A73 boombox ( very want get it , but i think to big for to always care it ) , so at the end got this one . Before i order i see they have some serious two 1.5 inch drivers + 2 3inch radiators+1 2.2 subwoofer = which is very serous things for that little thing and should make a blast when you volume it up . Also it weather proof which make it easy to care it everywhere . Nice and clean design also .
    When i receive then in the shipping box before i open then i already realize , that is a good speaker . The weight of itself not a light speaker , and as everyone know the heavier speaker having better quality and better drivers . But its not that heavy to take it around 3.6 pounds . But compare other speakers this one feels much more expensive and quality when you hold it .
    And when i payed it , trust me i was very impressed : after few years of searching best portable speaker which great quality , good price , great and powerful base and loud volume this is definitely winner.
    When i turn it to the top in my room i feel like around have a really PRO acoustic system , and not a little portable speaker .

    Cons: didn't find anything yet .

    So what i will said :
    If music for nice and clean sound for classic music maybe BOSE Bluetooth is best ,but with more price and not that good base as TDK .
    if you looking for affordable price , bluetooth portable speakers , great and strong base , loud volume , speaker fir a "little" party , serious sound and room filling sound - TDK A33 its definitely best choice , and you would not find the better option ;)
  • seraphim56 - Bleak / Foreboding / AmazingI received "The Road" a few days ago and I would say that I finished reading it within a 5-6 hour period. It is a very easy book to read and you can easy visualize the scenery of the areas described and the bleak desolate surroundings; the dark of the night and the cold chill of the rain. It was also easy to empathically feel the fear of the "boy", the angst and trepidation of the "man", the tension, respect, and love of their relationship, and the shared responsibility that they felt both for and of each other. Every time I put the book down a few minutes later I would find myself drawn to it, wondering what lay over the next hill or valley. It is a bleak and foreboding tale and it does not say much about the inherent goodness of man, nor our capacity for good. Compared to other apocalyptic stories that I am familiar with, this one leaves me with a sense of dread if I were to survive such a catastrophic event that was not by the way described. Having read this book I wonder about other stories that could be told. The "old man" on the road, what is his story? The "army" how did they come to be and the dynamics of that existence? Even "the people of the house/basement" what is their story? This book attaches itself to ones very soul. As bleak and as dark as this book is, as I read it, the start of the next sentence, the next paragraph, and the next page always filled me with hope. After I finished the book, that is what I found to be amazing.