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  • tastescrunchy - UnbelievableI read this book for a class (at Lehigh University) and absolutely flew through it. It started as a beautiful story, Zeitoun and his family history, his time in New Orleans as well-known a painter/contractor. Even after Katrina hit, he was canoeing around in 9 feet of water rescuing elderly people in need and feeding animals. The book takes a gut-wrenching turn for the worst when he is arrested, brutalized, and held captive for a month at a maximum security prison set up in New Orleans. My jaw dropped several times reading this book. Many times the scene in NO was described as third-world. I was horrified at the way my own country (both officials as well as FEMA) handled the disaster. Before Zeitoun I was utterly misinformed about Katrina. It has opened my eyes, and was also a great read. Read. This. Book.
  • L. Domer - Fun!So a little cheesy and slightly soap opraish but totally fun! In medicine and fire for real...not so much but it's a break from reality. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships and would love to see more involvement within them
  • Ruth W - Works AmazinglyTwo months ago, a hairdresser had seriously messed up my hair. My hair has in a relaxer, but its generally really strong and curly - it's usually so strong that I can get away with doing things like relaxing my hair one week and coloring it the next without any serious breakage or problems. I put my hair through a LOT actually. Anyways, she bleached my hair and I hated it so two days later, I colored it over w permanent black. My hair was clearly damaged but I decided to wait it out.

    I came to NY, and I think combination of climate change AND the fact that everywhere has indoor a/c dried out my hair super fast (my skin also). Everytime I even ran my fingers through my hair, serious clumps of hair were coming out. Everytime I conditioned and detangled, huggge clumps (like two hands full worth) came out, regardless of if it was a few days apart or a week, which has never happened before. I was desperate and started researching and found this treatment. I was skeptical bc of the few bad reviews and bc I wasn't sure if protein was what my hair needed.

    I bought the product but still debated using it until FINALLY i could take it no longer, my hair either needed to be cut off completely or try something drastic. So I grabbed the product, sectioned my hair in four, detangled with a wide tooth comb, which also left out clumpppps of my hair, washed w Curls clarifying shampoo, then applied the product to each of my four sections, I kinda combed it through with my fingers but I never used a comb at any point. When I was done, I kinda shoved the hair back from my face and added more product, especially on my ends. I sat with a hand dryer (Chi Infratech) and just went back and forth over my hair with the dryer. After 20 mins my hair was dry but I let it stay for an extra 30 minutes.

    I was apprehensive about rinsing because I had read all over that agitating the hair too much can lead to breakage. So I just stood under warm water in my shower for about 3 minutes without touching my hair. Slowly and gently, I worked my fingers into my hair to expose it to more water. Honestly, I think I rinsed my hair for about fifteen minutes, just gently taking small sections and smoothing it out as the water an over it bc I didn't want to risk breaking. Halfway thru I realized that MY HAIR WAS NO LONGER COMING OUT IN CLUMPS - i was so amazed by this that I literally took every strand that came out and pressed it against my shower walls to count it. After applying the Balance moisturizer, washing it out, and applying Sheamoisture Deep conditioner, ONLY FOURTEEN strands of my hair came out. I'm simply overjoyed at the fact that my hair has clearly (in this moment) stopped breaking. 14 mite seem like a lot to some ppl, but considering that almos every time i brushed anything thru my hair, huge palmfuls of hair came out (dry or wet, conditioned or not), 14 was like nothing to me.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's having intense breakage problems, just be sure to follow the directions, watch the youtube tutorials and be gentle!
  • blkftbear - 2013 Grammmy NomineesCannot say that I liked all of the compilations on this Grammy 2013 Nominees, that said these are the highlights on this 2013 Grammy CD: Kelly Clarkson*, Taylor Swift*, Katy Perry*, Janelle Mona'e*, Florence + The Machine*, Carly Rae Jepsen*, The Lumineers*, Alabama Shakes*, Mumford & Sons*, Frank Ocean*, and Adele*.