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  • Brad "Darth Gunner" - HeartbreakingPost apocalyptic novels are a tough genre.
    Many try to go too far into the detail of why the author thinks things happened, and just what the hypothesized things that happened were.
    In this novel, most of the details left blank. Which make sense in the context of the novel.
    It isnt 1st person, but it is heavily from the point of view of the father and son. Where they go and what they do and say. And they didnt know, so why should we? And to the point of the story, does it matter?

    There is no overlaying narrator thread to add / subtract qualitative value to the actions and consequences. It is raw and visceral and awful and terrible and wonderful.
    A few belly laughs aside though, this is a dark journey, and if you arent both familiar and comfortable with the dark side, you may want to leave this one alone.
    But if you are looking for a GREAT read that may take you to a dark place, and even have your eyes welled up a few times, you cant go wrong with this one.
  • Rachel Jordan - Why aren't more books on pregnancy written like this?I highly recommend this book. While there are some places where I might wish that Oster had delved into even more aspects of pregnancy, this is the first book on pregnancy I have found that seems to believe women are capable of making their own decisions when given facts. I am pregnant now and after going through every book out there I had started using the inter-library loan system to get my hands on medical textbooks in the hope that they would have a greater amount of actual data. This book helps alleviate that desire.