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  • yogiandbooboo - It is my security blanket for my PC.It arrived on time and was well packaged (Amazon has always been reliable about that.). I have been using Norton for many years for PC and Mac. I trust them implicity with all my computers and always will. Surfing the web with Norton installed has always made me feel safe. I will always use their products especially these days.
  • Fritz - the WHOLE pictureThis review is not like others explaining how Pink Floyd is the greatest and all others must kneel before them (though they are my favorite band). Instead I bring up a point often overlooked in concern with the Wall. Many "fans" claim this album is decent, with only a few good songs and lots of filler, the problem is that that's not filler. The Wall, like many Floyd albums, is a concept album. the entire album tells a story, the story of an isolated, sad dejected boy who grows up to be a rock star, lives fast takes drugs (comfortably numb) and loses his wife (one of my turns, don't leave me now) and bulids a wall around himself to keep from being hurt or feeling emotions (hence the name, THE WALL) so, while many songs sound like filler try listening to the whole album at once and see if you can understand the subplot. or hey, if you really want to go see the movie they made about it ( aptly tiltled The Wall)
  • Gigis Kahn - Samsung SEK-100/ZA 2013 Evolution KitWhat a great device. After installing it and down loading the new firmware,I was pleased to see the difference it made. Like having a new television. I don't think that there isn't much that the tv won't do now.

    Very happy with the device and would encourage anyone to obtain one as soon as they can. Check out Amazon and order from Tiger Direct.

    C Gregory
  • mr s e whatley - pink floyd devision bellAmazing simply amazing. An absolute master piece that could only be constructed by Pink Floyd. It will be hard to find another album that fits all moods. I listen to it every night and can't sleep without it! I lie in the dark and let the genius of pink floyd take me away into their world. I think that this album is the best one they have done so far! Its a must for open minded music lovers! E-mail me with your thought @
  • Robert Crouse - Great For Start-upThis is the first ViSalus product you should purchase to determine is you like it. Why? You will be able to evaluate the vairous flavorings to determine which ones are to your personal likings. Also you will get 30 days of two meals aday so you can see it's value as a weight loss product. Keep in mind you must do some type of exercise with this product. Walking will do just fine.