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  • A. Banza "Aquarius2582" - Easy Test - Clear ResultI got a very clear and fast Dark Green BOY result :) I found this test simple and easy to use. No mess. I am not going to run out and start buying all little boys clothes yet... but once I go for a 17 wk ultrasound I will be amazed if this test was right! I have had a hunch from the very beginning that I am having a boy. I will post an update when I get an anatomy scan. I think people lose sight of the fact that Boy or Girl a baby is a gift. People should just hope for a happy, healthy baby regardless of sex. That's what truly matters. Good luck to all the expectant parents out there! I'll post an update in about 7 wks ;)
  • thesebootsweremadeforwalking - Very HelpfulThis book is great when you are working on your medical school applications. It really helps you decide what programs you like best and what are your chances of getting into certain schools. I definitely recommend getting the latest version since the statistics change every year. But this book is a great deal considering the amount of information it provides you with. You can't find this stuff on the websites and if you could, it would take you weeks to gather everything you needed. This was my number one reference when I applied and it helped so much!
  • Quasar209 - I loved this bookI have been looking for a good literary fiction novel that had a great story and was well paced. This was it. The author's smooth balance between past and present, where you find out about a plot issue and then go back or forward and anticipate it unfolding was brilliant. The characters are fun and believable. I highly recommend this book.