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  • Mike in SJ - A Work of ArtHardware:

    Very modern, elegant and yet functional polycarbonate exterior. I don't think you need to put on a case unlike some other phones out there. It feels very solid and comfortable holding it. A little extra weight compared to others doesn't bother me at all, especially when this Lumia offers several innovative features (see other reviews for a full list) you can't find elsewhere.


    WP8 UI and UX are fantastic and very fluid. Of course this is no surprise to people coming from WP7 like me. I must say, however, I'm pleasantly surprised how much faster this feels compared to my two year old Samsung Focus which was one of the most fluid performers back then. It's a day and night difference.

    To serious photographers like me, I think this phone's camera alone would be enough reason to buy. Light gathering capability is simply unmatched due to the optical stabilization (OIS) and the f/2.0 lens. iphone 5 has a f/2.4 lens and Samsung Galaxy III has a f/2.8, both with no OIS. (For those who don't know, lower "f" number is "better" for light gathering.) Check out pictures posted on Flickr to get an idea. Indoor and night photos are groundbreaking for a phone camera. I can finally ditch my point-and-shoot camera and happily use this phone for daily snapshots when I don't have my Nikon DSLR around.

    Combination of 920's HW and Microsoft's SW is truly a work of art in both form and function. And I don't give out that kind of compliments easily.
  • birdlover - It REALLY does shorten time from outbreak to healed!!!I've had cold sores in the past, usually 1 or 2 outbreaks a year. I just woke up last Wednesday (day 1) and had a swollen, tingly upper lip--yup, another outbreak. I went and picked up a tube of Abreva at a local drugstore in a moment of desperation on Thursday (day 2), as I'd never tried it before, but figured since it was around $20, it must do something. The swelling was noticeably better after 12 hours! By Saturday evening (day 4) all that was left of the outbreak was a red spot where the blister had been, with no more weeping or swelling. This stuff REALLY WORKS!! No, it's not a cure, but it made my outbreak last only 4 days compared to a week or longer just trying to get by on OTC lip moisturizers or Neosporin (to prevent a secondary bacterial infection). I'd definitely recommend this stuff to anyone with cold sores. Now that I have my little tube, I'll be ready to try it immediately when the next outbreak starts. A miracle in a tube and worth the price! Remember to wash hands before and after applying the cream. Rub it in gently and the white will not be noticeable at all.
  • Margaret Page - Love the Book/Loathed the TitleI loved this book! I was not keen on the title but I like the writers background and expertise and there were few books in the same realm. The book gave me many new perspectives relative to dating, was I really looking for a partner and if so what type of person would be a good fit. I have yet to master some of the techniques but I am working on them. I enjoyed the book so much I have given 3 away as gifts. Who says the title sells....
  • Jamie - Perfect Size iPadIt's the perfect size iPad, I used this for about a year and loved every minute. Great size while watching mobile video, lightweight easy to carry in a growing bag of electronic accessories. My two year old loves using the PBS app, recommend a protective carry case for kids. Other than that it is all you come to expect from a mobile Apple product.