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  • Lotus Flower - The goddess of LoveI was fortunate to see the goddess of Love in the City of Brotherly love (Philly). Listening to her music via CD does not compare to hearing Sade live!!! I've been a fan since the age of 10. And during the times when Sade didn't have a recording on the airwaves, I followed her other band mates (Stuart Matthewman), who recorded with other artists and was able to still get that same vibe (maxwell, Amel larrieux, etc) So glad there is a dvd/cd coming out of this tour. My favorite song / performance of the night was "Pearls". The backdrop of the moon with only Sade on stage and her powerful voice was a moment of transcendence! Can't wait to purchase this DVD/CD and add to my Sade collection!
  • BJS - very usefulIf your pain is bad enough and your medical situation is hopeless enough that death seems preferable, the one thing you don't want to do is fail, leaving yourself in an even worse situation, and causing serious problems for other people. This book provides information not available elsewhere and a framework for thinking about one of the most serious decisions anyone can make.
  • Anita - Have to have it.This is a great book to have when researching universities. It shows the basic statistics in the same format for all colleges in the US. It is great for side by side comparisons. Much easier than looking it up on the internet. I start here and then go to the internet for more details on the colleges we are interested in.
  • MelanieW - Pain Free Hair RemovalIn my quest to elimate hair I have used wax, depilatories, shaving and even laser hair removal...

    I was skeptical about this device but decided to give it a try. After having painful laser hair removal I was worried about the pain and after effects. Laser Hair removal left me with tiny blisters on my skin for 4 or 5 days.

    When I first turned on the device I noticed a tiny fan noise kind of like a laptop. I put it on the first setting and didn't feel anything, I gradually increased to level 5 and it still wasn't painful. Only on a few spots did I feel more heat, but nothing that was like laser hair removal. It didn't feel like a rubber band snapping at me.

    I used this as scheduled and noticed the hairs came out when i barely touched them with a pair of tweezers. I have been using this for about 4 months now and have bald spots in some areas. Hair grows in different phases so I know it will take a while, but it is definitely worth the money to buy this device. I love having the ability to use it wherever I'm at. In fact I do "treatments" while working.
  • Francis W. Porretto "Curmudgeon Emeritus" - Incredibly Well Timed And RelevantAnn Coulter's thesis in "Mugged" is that racial demagoguery, not actual racism, is the malady that afflicts America, and that it's the deliberate product of left-liberal political action. As usual, Coulter has assembled a compelling, well-referenced case for her thesis, including the impact of exactly such demagoguery on the 2008 presidential election. And as usual, the Left is going nuts over it, as indicated by the one-star reviews of her book by persons who've never read it and can't make a single factual statement about it.

    At the core, Coulter argues, it's left-liberals' exploitation of white Americans' unease about race relations that really matters. Actual racial discrimination, except for the sort imposed upon us by legally mandated preferential treatment of blacks, is effectively gone from American life. But the "need" to "prove" one's lack of racism (as impossible as that is when, according to the Left, we're all talking in racial code words all the time) still motivates far too many of us to speak and act from unearned, undeserved guilt over things done long ago by persons long dead.

    With the 2012 elections a bare five weeks away, "Mugged" could hardly be more relevant. The tragedy of the thing is that so few as-yet-undecided voters will read it before casting their ballots.