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  • Alice Pulsipher - Don't go without this!these chairs are amazing. Especially if you live in a small home or apartment. we actually bought a second one when we had another baby (they are 9 months apart, yea I know!) these chairs clean really easy with just a wet rag, they are sturdy and I would even trust them to hold my weight on the table. And it hey come apart easily for a more thorough washing in the washer. I highly recommend!!!
  • Phoenix - Got my life backI finally have the confidence to write a review for this book. I was diagnosed with Crohn's colitis while I was in medical school and I was pretty traumatized by the whole experience. Before being diagnosed, I had assisted in operations of Crohn's patients and had seen first-hand how ugly this disease can get. So when I was finally told I had Crohn's, I was very afraid for my future. I started out on mesalamine drugs, but continued to eat the way I used to, which was heavy on grains/candy/processed foods. I had seen one of the most preeminent IBD gastroenterologists in the world and he specifically told me, "I can't see how diet can have anything to do with decreasing inflammation." The drugs worked just for a few months before I started to have problems again. I was put on prednisone and eventually Remicade and had to take time off of school. Fed up with this uncertainty in my life, I searched on the internet for some other way out of this (at this point high doses of prednisone were ravaging my mind and body). I encountered website posts regarding Dr. Wolfgang Lutz book Life without Bread and then came across this book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle (BTVC). I decided to follow the BTVC protocol because it seemed more restrictive so I thought I would get faster results. I was aware of the frightening side effects of Remicade but decided to go through with it too, in combination with the diet.

    Overnight I started to strictly adhere to this diet. I put full faith in it. I bought the cook books, the yogurt maker, almond flour, everything. I started to make regular trips to Whole Foods and bought almost all organic produce. Being on Remicade and the SCD in combination made it difficult for me to tell which was working, though I always had a gut feeling (no pun intended) that it was the diet that was the major player. I didn't see significant results until about 4 months into the diet. After those first 4 months until a year, I would have very minor set backs here and there, but they would go away within a few days after I went back to a cooked veggie regimen.

    After a year I decided to stop the Remicade infusions and let the chips fall where they may. I speak to you now at 1 year and 6 months on the diet and I have no symptoms of Crohn's and I take no medications. I have never cheated on the diet once. I know better than to claim that the disease is cured, so I'm just saying that it's very much under control and I feel better than ever.

    As I am in the medical field, I know there is very little data behind using diet to treat inflammatory bowel disease. After going through this experience, I am convinced that this diet is at least helpful. You have to be very motivated to continue this diet. It's also helpful to keep in mind that some restrictions can be lifted after about 2 years. I highly recommend this protocol to the supermotivated IBD sufferer.

    I want to be as honest as I can about my experience on the SCD. I wrote the prior review when I just about 1 yr and 6 months into the diet and now I've been on it for about 5 years. The last year was very rough and I was basically in a flare the whole time. A colonoscopy revealed mild disease in the cecum and rectosigmoid area. Overally the inflammation was downgraded significantly from when I was first diagnosed (disease disappeared in the terminal ileum) but there was still some inflammation hanging around. Ultimately I had to go back on imuran (which caused pancreatitis) and now I'm on humira and doing fine. I still continue the diet because at this point it has become a lifestyle and I do think I would get worse if I went off of it.
  • Mac Richard - Simply Profound & Profoundly SimpleIt's difficult to describe an Andy Andrews book--as he says, it's like trying to "lasso a bumblebee." But it's incredibly easy to reap the benefits of having read Andy's books. They are simple stories, very well told. Yet, within these simple stories, Andy imparts profound, PRACTICAL wisdom that transcends careers, age, marital status, or any other demographics. Returning to his protagonist Jones, Andy immediately connects the reader through his genuine affection for Jones. It's that connection that allows the reader to accept some of Jones's counsel regardless of how close to home it often strikes.

    As good as THE NOTICER RETURNS is, it is equally good to give as a gift. It's one of those rare books that friends will be grateful you turned them on to.
  • NotOnline - Got this puppy for about $99It was worth the money it was cheap and it is being used for backups. It fails no biggy it is under warranty. Got the extended plan just in case as it was pretty inexpensive to do so. I am mirroring two of these with all my media and some additional backups. They have been performing really well. The performance is good on a desktop but because I use them with USB pass through on VMware ESXi they are slower then normal. That is a ESXi issue though. Good purchase, stack nicely, and are fairly quiet.
  • S. Brown "S. Brown" - Saved my life!THIS IS MY LIFE SAVER!! I have always been ashamed of how much I sweat. For men, its expected. For women, its disgusting! Thanks to these babies, I am good to go! I can now wear things I couldnt wear before. The other billion amazing reviews are right, they work! I found that I have to use them every four days for the best results, but everyone is different. Buy them and try them. You wont regret it!