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  • J. Eggler "Jay" - Demarini CF4 ROCK the houseMy 10 year old boy has had this bat now for 9 months and it just keeps getting better. He is the lead off hitter for his team and this bat is keeping him furm in that spot. This bat has mor pop thean any other I have seen. other bats do not even have a chance keeping up. My boy has composit bats from Easton and Louisville Slugger and they are only used when its cold out. I asked my boy why he uses those for practice in the cold and he stated. "Dad you told mee that they could crack if I ysed them in the cold and I don't care about these bats". I asked him why he didn't care as they cost big $ as well. Dad he said, " I Love My CF4 and do not want to take a chance on it"

    This CF4 just keeps getting better and Better, just last weekend my boy went 12 for 12 as the lead off smashing 10 blistering shots strait up the middle, I thought I heard one of the balls crying as it went to the fence. This bat has been just simply outstanding and tough, it gets tossed around and the other teams catcher always picks it up to look at it.

    Just get the right size for you and you can't go wrong with this bat!
  • Inverted Ace "CJPilot" - It really worksDoc recommended in lieu of Prescription meds and it really works, though it might take several days, however results were quick
  • QuickView - I love it when a Hot Wheels is this awesome!!As you might know I'm a huge A-Team fan and when I first saw this van, I just had to have it. And, it doesn't disappoint in the least bit.

    Pros: The Van is solid black with the red racing stripe going around. The windows are a transparent blue and the rims are a beautiful metallic red. The paint apps are very good, with the exception of the left tail-light.

    Cons: The collectors and scalpers have obviously bought all these vans and it is probably next to impossible to find one in stores. So, I recommend finding one online for a fair price.

    Without doubt, this van is definitely worth adding to your collection. It's a must have for any die-hard A-Team fan.
  • HeatherNY "HeatherNY" - Thank you for this book!I have been SO emotional in this month before my wedding. I'm seriously going crazy. All of my biggest fears about marriage, my life, my fiance, everything are right in my face. No one ever warned me about this piece of it all. This book is honestly saving me. I read it and I feel so relieved to know that I'm not the only one who feels a bit nutty. There's something about this process that makes me feel a bit sad, like I'm leaving my parents (even though I haven't lived home in a decade!) This book captures that and more.