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  • jwlee13 "jwlee13" - HAPPY KINDLE OWNER !!The Kindle was a Christmas present from my husband. None of the reviews I've read mentioned the feature I like the most -- the text to speech option. The computer generated voice is not a problem for me and love the fact I can absorb a book while cooking, getting dressed, etc. Amazon apparently found a way around concerns re the audio right, which is derivative under copyright law.
  • n2shooz - Works great.I normally buy this at Wal-Mart but when they had not restocked in a few weeks, I had to find it somewhere else. I take one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening and it keeps me regular without harshness.
  • Mary of Bethany "Researcher" - Love it! So much better than Waterpik!!This was recommended to me by a naturopath to heal my gums. The reason I like it better than waterpik, is that the nozzles are smaller so it is more accurate feeling. The wand is narrower, too, so that it is not clumsy or cumbersome to maneuver, like the waterpik. Although is is louder, it just feels more professional and effective. It also comes with 4 nozzles, each with a different colored collar, so that a family of four could share it. It also has a wall-mountable nozzle holder with four holes. How thoughtful of them! I just love the convenience of it so far!

    The Waterpik came with an assortment of nozzles, all of which were different types, so that my husband and I could never use the same type of nozzle without ordering extra nozzles. I thought that was very inconvenient.

    The unit was much smaller than I had expected, but it is powerful!! Do not know about its effectiveness yet, but will update after next visit to dentist.
  • sonicman1 - Great golf helperPurchased this item in July 2010 after I had heard all the plus/negative about the new unit. My son had an older unit that we enjoyed together. I had no problem downloading or registering my product but then I am only running Windows XP. I use it not only on the course for yardage measurements but also to keep score and track my shots (number of putts per round, driving distance etc.) and then upload them to my account so I can see where I need work on my game. Just like anything else it is only as good as you want it to be or the time that you are willing to take using the features it has. Also really like the way the "track button" works to move the cursor on the screen. Would I recommend it - yes.