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  • Phyo T. Aung "phyo" - great phone3 different size live tiles are really useful. The phone is fast and fluid. Amazing camera. Just like windows phone 7, it has deep integration with facebook, twitter and linked in. It adds skype voip call support without draining the battery! Nokia Music is really cool. It's like pandora on steroids.. The only complaint that I have is nokia maps. It doesn't show exit numbers on highway exits. I guess it's a simple fix when they update the maps application since nokia maps website does show exit numbers when getting directions online. It's strange why it was skipped on the phone.. Overall, I really liked the phone. The build quality is solid. Buttons feels really nice and polycarbonate unibody is really strong. The WP8 OS is a huge step up from WP7.
  • VoodooValkryie - Where there is No DoctorThe major difference between this book and a first aid manual is that the first step is rarely call 911. If you are someone with little or no previous medical knowledge and you would like to learn how to put a dislocated shoulder back into socket, how to properly administer penicillin, and/or how to diagnose diseases ranging from the common cold to leprosy then this is the book for you.

    If you want to learn how to do a triple bypass surgery with a paperclip, a rubber band, and three ballpoint pens then no this is not worth your money. I would suggest taking the time you have to surf the net and nag about how you cant find a step by step guide to do something a doctor goes to school for years to learn and just go to medical school.

    Also to address something I've noticed in the other reviews (that originally stopped me from buying this book) is the people who are, not necessarily upset, but are not really pleased that so much of the book is dedicated to prevention and nutrition. To others that are interested in buying but not really sure if its worth it let me just say it is. After reading the book I have to agree with the author's that "an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure". If a SHTF situation ever arises I would rather urge prevention then be forced to draw on the knowledge I've gained from this book.
  • F. Lawrence - WiFi Problems Fixed - Best Android Tablet on the Market!As of ICS 4.0.3 the Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth issues appear to be resolved. Measured signal strength with other devices are equal throughout my home, office, and other locations. The ATP is an excellent tablet, very fast, and comes with many very nice features that others have already documented fully so I won't repeat them here. I just wanted to note that the one concern that many had appears to be gone.
  • Sally Anne Miller - Three reasons to buyI bought this for an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Of the many guides I have used over the years this one has the usual information on planning the trip, resort hotels, dining options and restaurant descriptions, and the four major parks (as well as the water parks). But what makes this guide stand out are (1) the ratings and comments from a team of tourists (including adults, teens and preschoolers), (2) online updates to the edition purchased, and best of all (3) large pockets for ten days of travel to write notes and plans on the outside and keep paper items inside.
  • Inlet Sound - Great Looks, Sounds nice!I had this CAI installed by me dealer along with the Moper Cat back exhaust prior to delivery of my new 2012 Ram 1500 express. I cannot offer an opinion of the improvement over stock as the 1st time I drove my truck this product was installed. I will say with both the intake and exhaust I have a very strong truck. I am an adult driver and wanted a little more aggressive sound but was afraid this combination may be too loud.
    It is not IMO, it is perfect! I will say that the CAI is just a little tall and was rubbing the hood. I have tried to adjust but may still be touching at times. I also did some research and looks like AEM may be the manufacture of this CAI, I took a chance and ordered the AEM dry-flow pre-filter part # 1-4004 ( from Amazon) as I wanted a water filter and something just to keep my nice blue Mopar filter looking good and looks like Mopar does not offer one. The pre filter is a tight fit but is working nice and looks like it is made for this filter? I did email AEM to ask to make sure this pre flitter is compatible with the Mopar and to verify they make the Mopar but never got a response to my email. AEM 1-4004 Dry Flow Air Filter Wrap