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  • Mell'sBells - Has been great for husband's special dietThe infomercials for Orgreenic cookware really caught my eye and I was very interested in buying it. However, because of the negative reviews I read, I almost didn't buy these pans. Aunt Bev is a "health nut" and is always looking for healthier ways to cook so she bought one pan. She loved it and told my mother about it who just happened to mention it to me. I had already decided not to purchase the pans even if she did like them. In the meantime, my husband had emergency heart surgery. While in the hospital he developed pancreatitis and an inflamed gall bladder. He is unable to have surgery for the inflamed gall bladder that caused pancreatitis because of the recent heart surgery. I was informed of the necessity of an extremely low fat diet for him once he got home...hopefully to delay gall bladder surgery the full year he needs to be on and back off a new blood thinner. He is at high risk of a stroke if he gets off the blood thinner early. I decided to try the Orgreenic cookware to help with the preparation of this low fat and no fat cooking, merely because Aunt Bev liked hers. I bought an entire 10 piece set that arrived before my husband left the hospital. Before doing anything else, I did an Internet search on how to go about seasoning the pans. I had seen complaints from folks who said they seasoned correctly but because of the results they got my thought was that they did not season them correctly, probably not using enough oil. I saw several demonstrations on You Tube where a couple tablespoons of olive oil was used on each pan. . This is the way I seasoned my pans. Even using all four gas burners, it was not a quick process, but the fact that the woman in the video assured us that there was slight smoking that we could not see encouraged me to wait until mine lightly smoked. I also saw how she rolled the oil around in the pan as it heated. It only made sense that the entire service should be seasoned. I also let the pans sit and cool as indicated, before wiping out the excess oil.
    My husband has been out of the hospital for almost 3 weeks and I have used an Orgreenic pan 3 times a day since he got home; mostly my 10 inch frying pan. I have not seen egg substitutes slide out as the eggs shown on TV, but I assure you that no oil is needed to cook them and clean up is as easy as seen on TV. I made fried potatoes without oil No, they did not taste fried, but my husband enjoyed them nontheless. I tend to liberally use herbs to replace flavor and on occasion add a spray of Pam or sprinkle of Butter Buds for flavor, but neither is needed to cook. I attempted to make a recipe that called for a roll of chicken breast dredged in flour and fried in butter but this did not turn out well without any added fat. The chicken cooked, the flour sort of browned, but the presentation was doubtful and the taste was not good at all. I concluded that not all recipes will work to my satisfaction with the Orgreenic cookware unless I use added fat. Because of his diet I won't be experimenting on how little fat I can get by with at this time. I'm very happy with my cookware and glad I made the decision to try it. I am getting some dark spots on the outside of some pans that are not scouring off, and since the insides clean up so well I really wanted them to keep looking new. But that is just me and it is not reasonable to think that a pan used a couple times a day, day in and day out, will continue to look new.
    I say, "for those packing up their pans and sending them to the thrift stores, I will be buying them and taking them home." I have daughters that would like to have some, too.
  • JoshBusta6 - Amazing Tablet!While not without its small faults, this tablet was definitely a great buy. It's no wonder that it's one of the top competitors in the mini-tablet market. It's absolutely amazing!
  • Wayne - Fast, powerful and convenient driveWhen it comes to evaluating performance, no component will do better than your system's weakest link. So when other reviewers say that they got 35MB/sec throughput with this device, if that had been an inherent limitation of the drive, nobody would have done better. Conversely, there's no guarantee that the performance you get with this will be close to what I got if your system is slower or your USB ports are slower. But if they are, this drive should still give you the maximum your system can deliver.

    When I first tried this, my goal was not to benchmark it. I plugged it in and copied some files. I got a transfer rate of about 135MB/sec. I didn't pay much attention to see if I was copying to my fastest drive (or second fastest if this one is the fastest) buy my primary goal was to get a good drive at a good price. This unit sold for less than the cost of its internal hard drive alone, so I figured that not only would I save money, I'd also end up with a USB 3.0 enclosure if I used the drive as an internal drive. I removed the drive from the case, and you should be able to find videos on line that show you how to do it with a few guitar picks. Once I installed the drive in my computer, I tried copying files from it. The speed I got ranged from about 145MB/sec to 200MB/sec. When I copied back, I got speeds somewhere around what I had gotten using USB. I can't really compare those numbers to anything since copying from the drive won't necessarily be the same speed as copying to it. And this time I made sure to copy to what I thought was the fastest internal drive. So I can comfortably say that the drive in the unit itself is quite a good performer. And I didn't use any software that kept track of the transfer rate over the course of the test, or anything that computed averages or minimums.

    As for the USB connection, I took the drive I had replaced (I swapped out a 2GB for the 4GB that came with this), put it in the enclosure, and did some testing. I got about the same transfer speeds I had been getting when it was installed internally.

    What I did was a far cry from general benchmarking, but doing so would not tell you what sort of performance you'd get on your particular computer. If you have USB 2.0 ports, then things will go more slowly. But that would be the case with all drives. My computer uses an ASUS P8Z77-M PRO Motherboard and that has USB 3.0 ports with UASP Support, so in theory I probably would have gotten performance just as good using this as a USB drive as I get internally. But regardless of that, a good drive should be able to handle anything that your system is able to support. And this drive and enclosure did well enough that I feel that it did the job. For practical purposes, if I have to use a stopwatch to figure out which drive is faster, it won't make a real world difference to me. I'm able to copy an 8GB file in under a minute with this drive, and that means that if I want to copy a two hour HD movie from an external drive to my computer or even over my network, I won't have to sit there staring at my watch.

    The drive itself was configured in a way that it appeared to be a contiguous 4TB drive, but internally it was partitioned so it can work with systems that need smaller partitions. It came with software for PC and Mac to perform backups. The software should work independently of which particular drive you use, and the drive should work regardless of which backup software you use. But the software comes at no extra charge. I may not need it, but if you do I suggest you read a few reviews written by people who used it. And if you have existing backup software that you use, or even if you let Windows back up for you, this can be a good solution.
  • Lisa Hurckes - An open, honest and heart breaking memoir.Elizabeth Smart writes an open, honest and heartbreaking memoir of her capture and nine months captivity. Her strength and maturity at age 14 are remarkable as she details the daily abuse and severe physical hardships which she endured at the hands of her captors. A truly moving story of faith and courage, I recommend this highly.