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  • DAN RODGERS - My wife made me read it and I am glad I did.I am Dan Rodgers author of Call Me Sergeant Rock (How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam). My wife, Sue told me that if I wanted Ladies to read my book I needed to read a book that is directed to both women and men written by a lady. As I started reading I just wondered how would a lady, like the author of this book, work out as a leader in Vietnam. I believe that women are more precise in their decision making than many men. To be a leader in Vietnam you must want to lead. Women do want to lead. The author brought up another point that I had never thought about. Pregnant women need reserved parking. Thank you Sue for making me read this book.Call Me Sergeant Rock: How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam
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  • Roberta H. Binder - History, an Important ReadI read the book directly after completing The Man on Mao's Right, by Ji Chaozhu. Their history in their young years walk side by side. So I've gotten the story from Chinese male and female. With the reputation that Ms Fu holds in both America and China through her company, I doubt if the people who know the truth can deny the validity of her story. I would strongly suggest reading Mr. Chaozhu's book for additional reference. It is important that American's read these memoirs and understand the Chinese people and the journey's they have walked and continue to walk. Neither positive nor negative, just information that it is important for all Americans to understand.
  • P. Nash - Like having a private tour guideMy wife and I vacationed in Paris the first week of August. We bought this book based on the stellar Amazon reviews and it did not disappoint. We wanted to walk around and just get lost on the Paris streets. This book has many walking tours that allow you to see all of Paris and learn about the history of the city. It was like we had our own tour guide with us the entire time. This book was so helpful and I recommend it. Enjoy your trip.
  • Cookie McJingle - Raw Meal Rocks!!This is our breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. We live a very busy life and breakfast is not a high priority...not anymore! Raw Meal is a complete meal and lasts up to 4 hours! Lunch is another Raw Meal! I've lost like 20 pounds and my husband has lost 30 pounds by using Raw Meal 2 times a day, instead of eating out or grabbing something quick. We're getting healthy nutrition and getting inshape!