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  • Piers Lehmann - Number randomnessI can partially concur on the review given by Louis, On the point of favourite Random number, 776834689765872643756324876 this was actually a close second for me, having myself given it considerable thought and after considerable debate with fellow random number enthusiasts, we have made a firm descision that the top place for our most converted random number must go to 7267268972587295534337209. What clinched the position was the random placement of the 72 digits (1,4,2,7), If one looks closely at the placement, one can begin to appreciate the randomness of the '72' digits thus elevating the reader to explore other random number aspects of this fascinating occupation. The book was a master piece of writing, I, no we ( a random number club) have this volume proudly displayed on our bookshelf. the book beginning to end is a wonderful informative and exciting read. well worth the money and the wait.Interested in this then have a look at CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae (30th Ed)Excellent read...many thanks Rand regards24912795
  • elisa - I finally feel normalI started feeling like something was wrong with my digestive system in my early 20s and then suffered from pain and gas for about the next 10 years. I tried everything that I could think of; eliminating certain foods, dairy, soy, tried not mixing certain foods, and tried many probiotics and fibers. Some things seemed to help a little, but I would have good weeks and bad. Lately I have realized that I feel normal and haven't had a stomach ache or gas for maybe the past year. I take 1 Align every morning (for about the past 3 years), I mix chia seeds into my yogurt (for the past 6 months), I eat 1/3 cup of All Bran Buds on my yogurt every morning, and I take a green tea pill every morning to reduce water retention. I'm not sure whether it is all of these factors or one of them that helps me, but I'm sticking with them all, just in case. Best of luck to everyone with digestive problems.
  • BranThomps - Perfect for 9 year old Cub ScoutI purchased this pack after hearing about getting a smaller kids sized Camelbak Mini Mule system. Problem was that the kids Camelbak was nearly twice as much. I figured that since this carried the same amount of water (50 oz), it must be a similar size. I was right. This fit my son perfectly for a recent Cub Scout outing. He is a Weblo now and is camping on his own. This was a great price and a perfect system for him. My wife has also worn it and commented that for her petite size, it was also perfect. This Camelbak will carry your keys, a small snack or granola/power bar. I stuffed my son's contact "if in an emergency" information between the bladder and the back in a ziploc bag, so there's other room in there if you get creative.

    MAKE SURE you wash the bladder and do an overnight soak with 10-15 oz of vinegar - yes vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the bladder, squeeze it out the mouth tube and clear out all air by carefully purging the bladder. It will clear out the "plastic-y" taste once it is rinsed out the day after. Also MAKE SURE you empty, rinse, wash, whatever and air out the bladder and mouth tube before storing away or you will have mold/mildew setting in. The rubber bite valve will come off if you are patient and slowly rotate it while working it off. Clean this part as well.

    This is our first Camelbak backpack and we love it!
    By the way, the Camelbak insulated water bottle is also an incredible item. It fits perfectly in a bike cage and keeps iced water cool for hours.