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  • A.Trendl "What should ... - First Book To Buy for Job Hunting"What Color Is Your Parachute" is the first book you need if finding a job is your goal. If you've not bought this yet, you haven't started looking. It is that good.

    Richard Bolles is the expert. His books sell because they are fresh each year with insight, purpose and ideas for determining what job you should do, and how to get it.

    I used "Parachute" to get my first job. It continues to influence me today, as I keep my eyes open for a possible career change. As I have trandsitioned from nonprofits to corporate work, to freelance/consulting to looking again at nonprofits, I take what Bolles' teaches into each situation. He helps balance out reality. No smoke and mirrors, but encouraging and candid exhortation.

    Thoroughly practical, Bolles asks you questions about your mission in life. His belief is that just getting a job (any job) -- even ones you are good at -- won't be a wise decision in the long haul. He helps you see your passions mixed with skills and experience, and guides you to getting there. Though it is hardly a self-help book, it is far more useful than the ones clogging up the Top 10 list.

    He keeps you accountable. Finding a job is your job if that's what you say you want. And if you aren't working, he won't let you make excuses -- you've got the time. Either you are looking or you aren't. Dr. Phil could take a note from Bolles' direct yet congenial style.

    Bolles has kept current, with a significant look at the internet, starting your own business, dealing with the tempestuous employment marketplace, working in an unpleasant situation, and more.

    Don't bother with the hardcover. You need the paperback. This is not a sit-on-the-shelf book, but a get-down-to-business book, and you'll appreciate the flexibility while at work or on the train.

    I fully recommend, "What Color Is Your Parachute" by Richard Nelson Bolles.

    Anthony Trendl
  • Tomasz J. Dorosz "TOM D" - Great product.Works great and is worth the money. If you don't have a problem taking all the pills you will be happy. I only used two in the morning and two in the evening. Did not feel I needed to take more. Worked great and I am happy. Just tried a different brand and did not even come close.
  • Andrea - Clear skin in two months!!!First I'd like to say that growing up, I never had acne. My skin was flawless during my teens. Once I hit my mid 20's, I began getting these big breakouts that would never rise. They'd last on my skin for weeks, and hurt. Then they'd slowly start to reduce in size and ultimately leave a dark scar on my face. Hence, Cystic Acne. This past year I discovered and am now a HUGE fan of the site. THANK YOU DAN!!! If only I'd found it sooner. I spent countless hours perusing the site, reading product reviews, browsing forums, and trying all the new natural remedies out there. I found solace in reading others success stories. By 26 I thought my acne would subside but it was only getting worse. I would say my acne was moderate, though I was never without a cyst on my face. One goes away, another one starts. So, I began my quest in finding a solution. I can say I have tried every kind of natural home remedy on the market. Lemon juice toner, apple cider vinegar toner, calamine lotion, castor oil/olive oil cleanse, tea tree oil, sulfur, salicylic, you name it. I also started taking vitamins like Primrose oil, a multi-vitamin and drinking Rooibos tea. It's unclear if any of those helped me. Perhaps I was trying too much on my face which was causing more inflammation. All I know is that one night, I brokedown. I spent hours reading Regimen reviews, watching numerous Youtube videos and I decided I had nothing to lose. I bought the Regimen and looked forward to starting it.

    After continued use of all three products, twice a day, I can confidently say my skin is now clear. It's been almost 10 weeks and I haven't had any breakouts in about 3 weeks. Occasionally, I'll get a small breakout but it rises really fast and dries up in a day or two. I never thought my skin would be soft again! I honestly didn't think it would work. There were some rough patches but I kept on going and am happy that I did. Like past reviewers, here's how my skin felt each week.

    Week 1: No huge changes, other than mild dryness.

    Week 2: Really dry skin, especially in T-zone areas. Itchy and flaky with makeup.

    Week 3: Still really dry. At this point, I was using Jojoba oil as a toner before my moisturizer and still adding a few drops of oil when moisturizing. Very flaky with makeup.

    Week 4: The dryness started to subside. Jojoba was working really well. I experimented with AHA this week but when I did it burned my skin really bad. Then I read reviews to wait a few weeks before using so I waited.

    Week 5: I noticed my skin really soft. Much softer than before. No real big breakouts, only small ones that dried up fast. Skin was not as dry.

    Week 6: Began using AHA twice a week as a moisturizer at night only. LOVE THIS STUFF!! Skin is officially better with dryness. My makeup is no longer cakey (except under the eye area). Make sure to add an eye cream. This has helped me tremendously.

    Week 7-10: I have clear skin! I haven't had a cyst in a few weeks. Skin is no longer dry.

    My advice to you: stick to the plan and push yourself to get past the dry patches. In my case, it lasted for a month, but once I got past that 4 weeks, I was on the right track to softer more hydrated skin. It's IMPERATIVE to use the moisturizer. Do not be afraid of it. I purchased the AHA from the start after reading past reviews but regretted using it so soon. It did burn at first, and like Dan says, wait until a few weeks or months before using it. I use it now only twice a week at night and my skin has never felt softer the next morning. I no longer use the Jojoba oil daily, only once in a while.

    One thing I'll note is I haven't increased the amount of BP. I'm using the same amount as I started with, maybe less now. I find that I am OK with this.

    If you are considering it and feel you've tried everything else there is, I highly recommend the Regimen. For the price, it's a great value and so far has lasted me two months, used morning and night every single day. It's worth a shot!

    Best of luck to you :)
  • Lee H. - Great first pad for a non-computer childOur 6-year-old granddaughter has refused to use what she calls "electronic devices," probably since her older sister is adept on many. However, she is a princess fanatic, and she decided she didn't want to be the only one in the family without a device. She loves this one; spend hours over Christmas break on it. She really liked the programs for older children. The shipping box was a little bunged up and so was the box with the Leapster, but there was no harm to the contents. This was a great gift!