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  • Raul Colon "Raul Colon" - Inspiring the search for the meaning of life!I took my time reading it so i could absorb and try to apply as much advice as possible while reading the book! This is the type of book that will help you get to where you need to be in life and in your projects if you take the advice and own it! A must read for anyone who needs guidance or some inspiration to start or continue creating a life of meaningful actions.
  • M. Dean "fiction fan" - This program worksAfter being diagnosed with hypothyroid 2 years ago, I suddenly started to gain weight that I just couldn't lose. I even hired a great personal trainer for 4 months and went back on weight watchers - which had worked well for me before - but I still continued to gain weight and inches rapidly. I felt generally sluggish and lousy plus started to develop some odd gastrointestinal symptoms. I have never been a "sick person" so it was all really disorienting and depressing. My doctor tried some tests and adjusted thyroid meds, but acted as if it was just something I had to accept as the new normal. I found this book after seeing Haylie on Dr Oz. Her program makes a lot of sense, but is completely counter intuitive after so many years of weight watchers, south beach etc. If you bite the bullet, and follow it 100% for the 28 days, it will work miracles. It isn't hype. It simply worked for me. I just finished my third week and I have lost ~15lbs, but that isn't the best part. I feel like myself again. Energy is up, gastrointestinal oddities are gone & I look a lot better too. I still have ~30lbs to lose, but now I know that I can actually lose it while continuing to reboot my metabolism. (I have the book, ebook and app.) Two of my co-workers are now trying it after seeing how it worked for me. Thank you Haylie!
  • K. Morgan - Five Stars for High Five!High Five is the fifth book in the Stephanie Plum series. It does not disappoint! There is enough mystery and fun to keep the reader entertained for hours.Stephanie is struggling to pay the bills in High Five as there are no FTAs to apprehend. Her Uncle Fred has disappeared and out of loyalty and pressure from her family she is trying to find him. Since this isn't a paying job she becomes part of Ranger's work crew and does various jobs for him. She has developed an attraction to Ranger and isn't sure this is a good thing. Her relationship with Joe Morelli is currently off. And as is things aren't complicated enough, Benito Ramirez, the psychopathic rapist/killer, is out of prison on parole and is after Stephanie. Just another day in the life of the "bombshell bounty hunter".High Five is an entertaining read. It has enough mystery to make it interesting and enough comedy to keep the reader laughing out loud. After each Stephnie Plum novel I read I wonder how the author could write anything else that would top it but Janet Evanovich does. She manages to keep the reader interested in Stephanie and her quirky family and friends. This book has all the characters we have come to love in it and also two new ones, Bunchy and Briggs, that kept it fresh. The plot was excellent. The reader is kept wondering what happened to Uncle Fred all the way to the end. And the ending itself is a mystery. Just who exactly came over to give their opinion on the little black dress? I thought this was an excellent way to end the book.High Five is an excellent read that will keep the reader entertained and laughing for hours! A must-read book!
  • S. Prestek - Never a problemI am self employed and use H&R Block every year (and when it was Tax Cut). Have been for at least 15 or maybe more years after I stopped using TurboTax. These tax software packages have come a long way from the 90's and considering the complexity of the tax code these days, it's a wonder they are as good as they are. I have to deal with home depreciation and equipment depreciation which would be almost impossible for me to do without H&R Block. This year, as in past years, the compilation of my numbers was the most time consuming part. Once that was done, the generating of my return by H&R Black was quick and easy. One day I will trust the importation of my Quicken register tax categories and be done even faster!

    I'd recommend H&R Block (used to be Tax Cut) to anybody without hesitation. Good product and never had a problem with it.