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  • J. Gerardot - No more sweat ringsI've used this product for a few years on and off. If used properly at night before bed, you can go about your day without worry of embarrassing sweat rings for a week. I will generally reapply after about 5 days if I'm more active. You can also supplement Certain Dri on the 5th day or so to make Sweat Block last a full 7 days without worry.
  • A. Mcdonald - wonderfulI have been taking the pills for about 2 weeks now. The best part about it is that it is truly an appetite suppressant without the jittery feeling, or headachs or any of that side effect crap. I have lost about 7lb so far. I also exercise 4-5days a week. You will feel the difference even if you dont see it right away. For the price compared to other products, its really worth the try.
  • CeStSh - Great alternative to StarbucksI've had my Keurig Vue V700 for 3 days now and I absolutely love it. I hesitated to get the Vue for a long time because of reviews that were not favorable. I am very picky when it comes to my lattes, however, I decided to take leap of faith and get it anyway. Although the selection of cups are much smaller than the K-cups, it was totally worth it. Great alternative to Starbucks, saving time and money.

    When I took the unit out of the box, I was greeted by a beautifully designed coffee maker that compliments my countertop without being too bulky. Included I found a owners manual that is very easy to follow. I rinsed out the tank for the water as indicated and filled it with water from my water cooler. I then turned it on and a nice color display popped up for me. After a quick set up, I decided to brew my first cup. I picked a Vanilla Latte 2 Stage drink. Unfortunately I made a little mistake when I did it. Because I am so short, reading the display was a little tricky and didn't see that the "coffee" and "cafe" selections were on separate tabs. So instead of pulling the 2 stage menu on "cafe", I used the coffee mode and my latte turned out really watery, as both the milk and coffee got dispensed as full individual cups each. Second try around, I got it. And boy was I surprised! My latte was absolutely delicious. Even the temperature was excellent (which you can set on the unit).
    Now MY unit came with a few trial packs. Of course I had to let the kids taste test the Hot Chocolate Milk. Verdict: My boys really enjoyed it and asked for more.

    Bottom line: Beautiful unit that is very quiet and makes great hot and chilled drinks. It has many options and works very well so far, and saving me time & money by not having to run to Starbucks in the morning to get a delicious latte.
  • Sackett - Very Satisfied CustomerI've been a user of QuickBooks Pro for years. My first version was the first one they came out with.

    I've been in computer manufacturing for the past 25 years and have used QuckBooks from the beginning. I tried other programs that didn't do what I needed. But QuickBooks always came through like a champ. I built all types of computers from home user systems to high end Gaming computers.

    I'm now into a distribution company cover a three state area and once again QuickBooks 2011 has made the start up very easy.

    I recommend this software to everyone and Amazon.com is a great place to get what you need to start your business.
  • Raga Ja - A Must Read for the Open Minded and Curious.I see that this book has sparked some debate. The concepts here are probably too far out for most box-minded people. For the rest of us who are interested in 2012 and the possibility that it will bring in a new age of evolved consciousness, this is a must read, in my opinion. Some other reviewers seem to think that you must agree 100% with an authors viewpoints. Like he's creating a religious doctrine! Not the case. You don't have to agree with every word printed here. But I tend to with most. And, I disagree that there was any remote form of disrespect toward females in this book. Anyone who thought that must not have read all the way through it, or just skipped parts and took other things out of context. I guess people will believe what ever they want to. ; )