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  • Sarah Kilgour - Great lessonsI have recently been through some awful things in my life. Seizure, brain tumor, cancer... yeah, pretty sad. But I have been looking for books that will not allow me to feel sorry for myself. This book is JUST what the doctor ordered! I learned (am learning) so much about resiliency, flexibility and caring for people through this woman's experience. I absolutely love it.
  • Reviewer - Book is fantastic, but take the course as wellI stumbled upon a video of Esther Gokhale on YouTube; it was of her giving a presentation at Google. Based on that video, I bought the book and read it in its entirety.

    I then took the free one-hour course at Esther's wellness center in Palo Alto. It was taught by her daughter, Maya (who is going to medical school this year and is amazingly smart).

    Based on *that*, I then took the full fundamentals course and loved it. You have to take the course if you can. Anyone who is thinking of having surgery should read this book and take the course first. In fact, this course should be required in medical school!

    My posture has been bad my whole life (rounded shoulders) and although I'm not in pain, I wanted to correct it. This course gave me the tools to do that. It's a *process*--so it's something that you always have to be mindful of and practice. You can't have the "surgery" mentality (i.e., I'll do this one thing and that will fix the problem). You need to correct the underlying faulty body mechanics.

    Anyway, this is a review about the book. So, buy the book. It contains more information than what is even in the course, but the course helps you put it into practice. The book also has plenty of pictures to show you how to sit, stand, walk, etc. correctly.

    Buy it! Study every chapter and then decide for yourself. You'll be amazed.
  • Voice of Reason "Thats right, I went there." - A whole new perspective on gamingI think this game is an amazing advancement for gamers as a whole and wasn't meant for Sims fans, in fact i doubt you would like it if you were a Sims fan, which i assume most of you are(nothing wrong with that, just that this game might not be the kind of game you like). I loved this game but that isn't the point of this review. It is a new way to look at thwe gaming experience, it may not be the gbest of any of the types of games it is, but it is the best sampler for those beginner gamers. It was the first try at this type of game and I KNOW for a fact there will be ALOT more games just like it, except better. This was an amazing advancement in gaming and deserves a better review than most of you fools have given it.
  • Slopok - Love my GalaxyI bought my galaxy after a friend told me the androids were passing the I pads in many different ways . I did a lot research online and found it was a better deal. When I got it and took it out of the box it was very easy to set up and to get started. Of course the instruction manual had to be downloaded. I bought one from Amazon. I would advise to get one up front. It is a lot better to have it in front of you.
    It is fast. Does a great job. My wife has an I pad. I like the Galaxy much better. It is also more inexpensive.
  • VicoDrive - Its great! All the bad reviews are from people who havent played since the first week it was releasedOk, there are TONS of bad reviews everywhere about this game. These reviews are pretty accurate if you are reviewing the game for the first week it came out! This was when the game really was unplayable and full of glitches. On week 2, it was very playable and worked great. Yeah there were still a few glitches but most have been fixed. Now its been about a month and its working even better! Its very fun and plays with the same feeling and addiction Simcity has always given you on all its past versions with much more to it.

    The other thing about it that everyone is giving it bad ratings for is simply because its owned by Electronic Arts which has a bad rap all on its own unrelated to Simcity. Maxis brought back a lot of the original programmers from past Simcity games to make this one to really make this a great product.

    Third is the online only DRM thing. Yeah it sucks but chances are, you already have internet on all the time anyway. these people must have awful internet problems and should look into getting another ISP, that or look into other games they can pirate easier. Its crazy that they are going to let something like that prevent them from playing one of the most fun and addicting games ever which they have been waiting years for.

    If you are going to listen to all the outdated negative reviews instead of the positive ones, you are going to miss out on something great! For a very good and honest review of the game in detail, look up the one on who gave it an 8.5/10.Trust me, if you havent played this yet, do it! You wont regret it!